JEF x CCI Conference: Being a female entrepreneur in Shanghai

Tuesday, May 19th, CCI FRANCE CHINE and its President, in collaboration with « JEF Shanghai » , sought out to encourage female entrepreneurs.


At CCI FRANCE CHINE’s Shanghai office, a conference was held and live-streamed, where 4 Shanghai based women entrepreneurs discussed their paths, projects, their successes, and their battles. They also brought insight on how they coped with entrepreneurial struggles caused by the Coronavirus

A special thanks to our 4 guest speakers:

Wody Keita Stemper, Present in China for 13 years, she is Co-founder and General Director of 'Izivat', a a mobile application that allows the recover of TVAs on purchases made in Europe.

Marjorie Hobin, With 14 years of experience in Shanghai, 7 of which were spent working for 'Saint Gobain', she created 'Mind Up' in 2015 to accompany brands and industries in developing more durable performances by integrating human, social, and environmental stakes in supply chain ensembles.

Alexia le Masson, Co-founder of 'Tai2Tai' , a consulting society that offers legal solutions and is flexible with foreign talents in order to put their expertise at the service of their clients.

Natasha Tarascon, a Business Consultant and marketing specialist, she founded ‘Doucēa’, an enterprise of cosmetic products for children who assist them throughout the creative process, through interactive sessions, and that are equipped with strong social values and environments.

Additionally, CCI FRANCE CHINE thanks our President, Mr. Christophe Lauras, for the opening speech, and  Anne-Sophie GAUVIN (JEF Shanghai) and Natacha Leyre (CCI FRANCE CHINE) for moderating the event.