[IMPORTANT INFORMATION] - 09.17 CCI FRANCE CHINE Charter Flight 【重要信息】 – 9月17日中国法国工商会包机

A possible charter flight from Paris to Tianjin for September 17th, 2021

Dear Members and Friends, 亲爱的会员及朋友们,


Please find below the latest important information about the charter flight.



The CCI FRANCE CHINE together with the Embassy of France in China is coordinating a charter flight from Paris – Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) to Tianjin Binhai International Airport (TSN). To meet the new requirements asked by the local authorities, we would like to inform you that the charter flight initially planned on September11th, 2021, is now tentatively postponed to September 17th,2021.

中国法国工商会与法国驻华大使馆正在协调从巴黎戴高乐机场 (CDG) 到天津滨海国际机场(TSN) 的包机航班。为满足地方当局的新要求,我们在此通知您,原计划于 2021 年9 月11 日的航班现暂推迟至 2021 年9 月17 日


If you have already sent us an email of intention for the initial flight planned on September 11thyour application is automatically transferred for the flight on September 17thOtherwise, please send us an email to cancel your application.

如果您已经就原定于 9 月11 日的航班向我们发送了意向电子邮件,您的申请将自动转为 9 月17 日的航班。否则,请给我们发送电子邮件以取消您的航班预定申请。


To continue your current application, please send us the supplementary information below to charter(@)ccifc.org:

  • Final Destination in China:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Gender: Male / Female
  • PU Letter Number:
  • (If the PU letter has not been delivered yet, indicate the local authority in charge):
  • Visa Number:
  • (If the Visa has not been delivered-or requested-yet, please indicate the authority in charge):
  • Class Preference: Economy / Premium Economy / Business
  • Payment Preference:



  • 中国最终目的地:
  • 出生日期:
  • 性别:男/女
  • PU 邀请函编号:
    • (如果您尚未取得PU邀请函,请注明当地审批部门):
  • 签证号码:
    • (如您尚未取得签证或尚未提交申请,请注明审批机关):
  • 舱位选择:经济舱/豪华经济舱/商务舱
  • 付款方式:


If you haven’t sent us any email previously and would like to apply for the flight, please find the table below the availabilities and the final prices for different classes:


Price per passenger


EUR 2,300

Premium Economy

EUR 3,500


EUR 7,000












If you meet all the travel requirements asked by the Chinese authorities to enter China, please send the personal information below of each of the potential passengers to charter(@)ccifc.org.

  • Family Name:
  • Given Name:
  • Gender: Male / Female
  • Date of Birth:
  • Company / Organization:
  • Passport Number:
  • Nationality:
  • Email:
  • Phone Number:
  • Final Destination in China:
  • PU Letter Number:
  • (if the PU letter has not been delivered yet, indicate the local authority in charge):
  • Visa Number:
  • (if the Visa has not been delivered-or requested-yet, please indicate the authority in charge):
  • Class Preference: Economy / Premium Economy / Business
  • Payment Preference:


*If you register for more than 1 person, please indicate “passenger 1”, “passenger 2” etc. in the email.

*A required full non-refundable pre-payment before September 5th to reserve your seat will possibly be asked.

*Definition of non-refundable: money shall not be returned if the flight is confirmed. If the flight is cancelled, money will be refunded without penalty (Please note that a service fee of 3.6% might be applicable in some cases according to your payment method choice and will not be refundable).

*Please note that this is only an expression of interest and does not represent by any means a ticket reservation or booking. Only applicants registered will receive further instructions on how to proceed with the booking of the ticket(s) upon booking opening.


如果您符合中国政府对进入中国的所有旅行要求,下每位乘客的个人信息发送至 charter(@)ccifc.org

  • 姓:
  • 名:
  • 性别:男/女
  • 出生日期:
  • 公司/机构:
  • 护照号:
  • 国籍:
  • 电子邮件:
  • 电话号码:
  • 中国最终目的地:
  • PU 邀请函编号:
    • (如果您尚未取得PU邀请函,请注明当地审批部门):
  • 签证号码:
    • (如您尚未取得签证或尚未提交申请,请注明审批机关):
  • 舱位选择:经济舱/豪华经济舱/商务舱
  • 付款方式:


*如报名人数超过1人,请在邮件中注明 “乘客1” 、“乘客2”等。

*9 月5 日之前支付全部预定座位的全额付款,付款为不可退还

*不可退款的定义:航班确认后,已支付款项不予退还。如果航班被取消,将无罚金地退还款项(请注意,根据您选择的付款方式,在某些情况下可能会收取 3.6% 的服务费,并且不予退还)。



Once we have collected all necessary information for your registration, you will soon receive an individualized link with the booking credentials to proceed with the payment. Flight tickets will be issued and sent directly to the passengers starting from the 7th of September. More information will be provided in further communication.      



With our best regards,







  • The organization of this flight is a tentative so far and its occurrence will be subject to the confirmation that all requirements are met. CCI FRANCE CHINE cannot guarantee that all requests will be successful for securing seats on the flight.
  • An application does not guarantee a slot on the passenger list, due to limited seating capacity and to a series of necessary approvals and conditions as mentioned above.
  • Given the rapidly evolving nature of the international response to the COVID-19 outbreak, CCI FRANCE CHINE cannot guarantee its accuracy and can accept no liability for any errors or omissions. CCI FRANCE CHINE reserves the right to add or change information at any time.
  • Fulfilling travel conditions, the green health code, a valid visa, etc., are at passengers' risk and responsibility.
  • The data collected and stored by CCI FRANCE CHINE will     not be shared with third parties for commercial purposes and will be processed in compliance with the laws and regulations in the People's Republic of China relating to the protection of personal data and cybersecurity.



  • 到目前为止,这次航班的组织是暂定的,该航班是否起飞将取决于一切必要条件。 中国法国工商会不能保证所有预定请求都会确保成功。
  • 由于客舱座位容量有限以及上述一系列必要的批准和条件,您的申请不能被保证一定会成功。
  • 由于新冠疫情在不断发生变化,中国法国工商会无法保证其准确性,并且不对任何错误或遗漏承担任何责任。中国法国工商会保留随时添加或更改信息的权利。
  • 满足旅行条件、绿色健康码、有效签证等,是由旅客承担的风险和责任。
  • 中国法国工商会收集和存储的数据不会出于商业目的与第三方共享,并将按照中华人民共和国有关个人数据保护和网络安全的法律法规进行处理。