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Trophée des Talents 2019

CCI FRANCE CHINE presents the 7th edition of Trophée des Talents.

The Trophée des Talents was founded in 2013 by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry of China and is jointly organized by the French EmbassyL’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, the SKEMA Business School and Valeo to spark students’ critical thinking and encourage French language learning in the form of presentation and oral examination.




法语人才竞赛规则 Rules of Trophée des Talents


Coming to the seventh session this year, the Trophée des Talents will continue its consistent purpose: strengthening the connection between corporate activities and educational development, motivating outstanding Chinese university students with the business sense, technical skills and foreign language proficiency, helping students gain a deeper understanding of French enterprises, inspiring students for their career paths, deepening business and school awareness of future challenges.


经过同学们的热烈参与以及投票, 2019第七届法语人才竞赛主题为:

Now we are honored and pleased to announce that the theme of The 7th edition of Trophée des Talents 2019 is:

Comment la 5G, étant la prochaine génération de technologie sans fil, pourrait influencer votre expérience en voiture, votre mobilité, ou même votre vie?


参赛资格 Admissible participants


1. 参赛者在21-26岁之间(以2019年12月31日为准)

2. 参赛者必须为中国各大学院校内法语系学生或法语项目学生

3. 每所大学推荐一名学生;如果一个大学内有多个法语教育项目,那么每个项目可推荐一名学生

4. 法语不是参赛者的母语

5. 法语水平相当于欧标B1水平或以上

6. 每所法语语言培训中心可以推荐一名学生,该学生必须为中国各大学院校内非法语系学生和非法语项目学生

* 请联系校内院系负责人进行校内选拨。


Channel of university recommendation :

  1. Students between the ages of 21-26 (before December 31, 2019)

  2. Students majoring in French language or French-related joint program in Chinese universities

  3. Each university recommends one student; if there are multiple French-related educational programs in a university, each project can recommend one student.

  4. French is not the mother tongue of the participants

  5. The level of French is equivalent to B1 level or above

  6. Each French language training center can recommend a student who must not be majoring in French language or French-related joint program in Chinese universities.

* Please contact the head of the department for in-school selection.




  1. 中国学校在校生

  2. 法语不是你的母语

  3. 能力强、法语好、有胆量



In addition to school recommendations, there's one more channel for inscription

As long as you are:

  1. Students inscribed in Chinese universities or schools

  2. French is not your mother language

  3. Outstanding, speaking proficiently French, courageous

*Please click "read more" for inscription details




To present the Trophée des Talents to you, Campus Talks will be organized in the following universities in June: Tongji University, Suzhou University, Wuhan University of Technology, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies。



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