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Team France: Business Updates & Evolutions of the Covid-19 Situation

Webinar with Mr. Ambassador of France in China: Covid-19 - The Evolution of the Situation


Friday, May 29th, CCI FRANCE CHINE and its President, Mr. Christophe Lauras, presented a second webinar in collaboration with the French Embassy of France in China, dedicated to the evolution of the situation of Covid-19 in France and in China.

Mr. Laurent Bili, Ambassador of France in China, was once again present accompanied by Mr. Jean-Marc Fenet , Minister Counselor for Economic Affairs, and Mr. Thibaut Fabre, Business France China Director. The session provided an opportunity to review the health situation in France, the latest information on the mobility between France and China and a full update on the economic evolution.

Thanks to our speakers and this great collaboration Team France.