CCI FRANCE CHINE - Roundtable with the Vice-Mayor of Shanghai

In the afternoon of June 17th, 2022, CCI FRANCE CHINE and several French companies attended an online meeting held by Mrs. Zong Ming, the vice-mayor of the municipality of Shanghai. Representatives of relevant municipal departments and district governments joined them. 

Mr. Christophe Lauras, president of CCI FRANCE CHINE relayed the concerns of French companies in China regarding the lack of visibility in the evolution of the management of the virus. Then, he outlined that the evolution of the pandemic management strategies will be an essential factor to deepen industrial cooperation and foster the development of commercial opportunities for French and Chinese companies. 

7 French companies attended the meeting and were given the opportunity to address directly the municipality of Shanghai: Schneider ElectricMichelinDanone GroupKeringSaint GobainSanofi, and Sinodis

At the meeting, the Municipal Health Commission and the Municipal Commission of Commerce presented the epidemic prevention situation in the city, shared epidemic prevention tips to support the return to work and production, and stated the relevant policies of the city to stabilize the economy. 

Thanks to this new exchange, CCI FRANCE CHINE and its members are hopeful for an increased visibility and predictability in the future management of the outbreak. 

Once again, CCI FRANCE CHINE has played his advocacy role with the relevant authorities and will keep on doing so to support its French businesses members in the future.