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DSI COMMITTEE: Green IT Initiatives in China: Contribution towards sustainability

Yesterday, CCI FRANCE CHINE hosted a remarkable event discussing "Green IT Initiatives in China: Contribution towards sustainability" as part of our ongoing DSI Committee.


We delved deep into the realm of how technology can drive environmental sustainability. The discussion was filled with insights on practical strategies to reduce energy consumption, minimize electronic waste, and mitigate carbon footprints within IT operations. This event not only highlighted why Green IT matters for businesses but also how embracing these principles can lead to cost savings.

🗝️ Key Highlights:

- Yong Gong from Arkema, shared their journey of implementing green initiatives in China. They have invested in research and development of eco-friendly products and processes, contributing significantly to sustainability.

- Meijun (Augusta) Zhou from Michelin, discussed their Green IT practices and initiatives, emphasizing the importance of measurement tools, collaborative learning, and action plans across various teams.

- Philippe Obry, from Akila, showcased its work on energy-efficient solutions in China, focusing on smart grids, renewable energy integration, and energy management systems.

- Stephane Monsallier, from System in Motion, highlighted their implementation of energy-efficient technologies in data centers and IT infrastructure.


Additionally, we discussed various government-led green initiatives in China, highlighting the importance of renewable energy promotion, energy efficiency programs, and strict environmental regulations to foster sustainable development.

Thank you to our wonderful coordinators, Latyr Jean-Luc FAYE from Michelin and Florian Boyrivent from Orange Business who made this event possible and to everyone who joined us! Let's continue working together towards a more sustainable digital ecosystem!

At CCI FRANCE CHINE, we host numerous committees dedicated to different positions (HRD, CFO, CEO, DSI, etc.) exclusively for our members. These committees facilitate the sharing of insights and information among peers, fostering collaboration and growth within our community. Join us and stay tuned for the next event!