Corporate social responsibility

ESG Working Group - B CORP Certification: Measuring Companies’ Social and Environmental Impact

On June 18th, we proudly help a session of the ESG Working Group, following CCI FRANCE CHINE's commitment to facilitating more sustainable business practices.

This session shed light on the process of obtaining B Corp certification. Cathy Chen, Head of Internal & Digital Communication & Sustainability at Danone, discussed the strategies her group employed to achieve certification and its long-term benefits. To understand the milestones, Agathe Simon, CSR Manager at Juratoys, shared insights into their journey toward becoming a B Corp. Additionally, Jeanne Laporte Talamon, Senior Consultant at UTOPIES, debunked the B Corp certification process and explained how UTOPIES supports companies in their sustainable initiatives.

We also express our gratitude to Thomas Royet and François Duchesne for coordinating the event and making the ESG Working Group possible.

The session sparked engaging discussions, with participants raising several questions about the motivations behind striving for B Corp certification, the strategies to implement, and the advantages of being certified.


Thank you to all who participated and contributed to this insightful session. Stay tuned for more discussions and initiatives from the ESG Working Group!