Connexions Magazine 20th anniversary

On July 15th, CCI FRANCE CHINE held an event to celebrate the release of Connexions #90. A special issue dedicated to the actions of Team France and the companies’ responses to facing this extraordinary epidemic episode and how it has lead to new business and lifestyle perspectives.


To read Connexions #90 (in French),



An event which also marked the 20th anniversary of Connexions magazine, first released in May 2000. A celebration of two decades of news dedicated to the French business world in China and the role of CCI FRANCE CHINE in highlighting it in this review.



Many thanks to Christophe Lauras, CCI FRANCE CHINE President, Annick de Bentzmann, Honorary President of the Chamber, Thibault Alcorani  & Yueyao Wang, Members of the Comex X for their inspiring and moving speeches.

A great thanks as well to the many contributors and partners of the magazine, to CCI FRANCE CHINE Board members and to the Members of the Comex X: Emmanuel Gros, Olivier Dubroeucq, Antoine Zhang, Nicolas Milonas, Thierry Labarre, Fabien Pacory, Yu Weidong, Clément Barrau, Anne-Sophie Gauvin, Jiabin Li, Caroline Penard, Morgan Lefevre, 谢滨 ,and Sandra Ramaully.


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