Climate change and China's energy transition

CCI FRANCE CHINE is thrilled to share the profound discussions that unfolded at our recent event on September 27th, where we explored the intricacies of sustainability and innovation in China's energy landscape. Hosted in partnership with La French Tech Beijing at CCI FRANCE CHINE’s Beijing office and online, this event delved into five critical themes, illuminating the path forward for businesses in this transformative era:

🏛️Theme 1: Understanding Government Policy & the Five-Year Plan
Diving deep into China's policies and long-term plans, we deciphered the government's vision, providing clarity for businesses aligning with these strategic directions.

🤝 Theme 2: Working with Local Government
Exploring the vital role of local governments, we discussed collaborative strategies, emphasizing the importance of community engagement and sustainable practices.

🏢 Theme 3: Working with State-Owned Enterprises
Navigating the complexities of partnerships with state-owned enterprises, we uncovered effective collaboration models and shared success stories from industry leaders.

🌐 Theme 4: Working with Companies in the Industry
Fostering cooperation within the industry, we examined best practices, encouraging businesses to share knowledge and resources for mutual growth.

💡 Theme 5: How to Bring Innovation & Key Cross-Border Considerations
Embracing innovation as a driving force, we explored cross-border collaborations, discussing the integration of cutting-edge solutions and fostering a culture of innovation.

A heartfelt thank you to our brilliant speakers for their invaluable insights :
🎤 Kitty XIA, Corporate Affairs Director of Schneider Electric
🎤 CAO Yuan, Partner & Chief Advisor for Zero Carbon Cooperation initiative of SynTao
🎤 erwann debos, CEO of EDF Renewables China
And to our partners at la French Tech Beijing : Nil Larom 朗宁 & Candice Batier
Together, we're charting a sustainable course for the future, embracing innovation and collaboration as our guiding principles.

Let's continue this vital conversation and transform these insights into actionable change. Here's to a greener, more sustainable future for us all! 🌿