Beijing Daxing International Airport Economic Zone Administrative Committee The "Future City" Explorer Global Innovation Competition is now open for registration!

Member Update - 17/06/2022

The Beijing Daxing International Airport Economic Zone (BDIAEZ), known as "China's New Gateway", is a hub of global innovation and a new engine for China's development. It aspires to become a world-class destination for convention and exhibition (C&E) and consumption.

The "Future City" Explorer Global Innovation Competition, part of the planning and construction of the Daxing International C&E and Consumption Hub, is designed to collect ideas for urban innovation and development, fuel innovation in technology, policy and business, and build a platform of exchanges among talents, projects and brands.


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I. The Context

With the approval of the State Council, the BDIAEZ is defined as a function-carrier area for international interaction, a leading area for national aviation technology innovation, and a demonstration area for coordinated development of Beijing.

It will take full advantage of Beijing Daxing International Airport, a new engine for China's development, and leverage its role to further the country's dual-circulation development pattern.

By promoting the strategic growth of high-quality development and gathering global entrepreneurs and innovative talents, the BDIAEZ will become a hub where global innovation resources can be connected and an opening-up platform for the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

In this context, the BDIAEZ initiated the "Future City" Explorer Global Innovation Competition, in which the BDIAEZ will work with top universities and well-known institutions around the world to explore the innovative development of a "Future City".

II. The Purpose

The "X" competition, with the theme of "Future City", will be composed of the four factors of green and low-carbon, cultural inclusivity, new consumption, and smart tech in a bid to stimulate thinking on environmental protection, humanity, new consumption and wisdom throughout all of society.

III. The categories

Organized by Beijing Daxing International Airport Economic Zone Administrative Committee, the contest will accept applications in FOUR categories: Green and low carbon, Cultural inclusivity, New consumption and Smart technology.

· Green and low carbon

To seek ideas that promote efficient space utilization, green ecology development, low-carbon and green industries and urban planning within the Beijing Daxing International Airport Economic Zone.

· Cultural inclusivity

To seek ideas that provide Chinese elements, especially Beijing ones, which reflect the zone’s cultural inclusivity and its status as “China’s New Gateway”, and provide creative ideas for the zone’s culture and image.

· New consumption

To seek ideas that help foster innovative products, industrial formats, models and services in the zone, and provide new ideas for the zone’s consumption hub.

· Smart technology

To seek ideas that facilitate the zone’s smart management and services with innovative technologies and models, and promote the zone’s utilization and incubation of cutting technologies such as big data and AI.

Young scholars, students, institutions and teams, as well as innovative enterprises and start-ups from across the globe are welcome to pitch your ideas and projects!