Wenjuan ZHENG 郑雯娟LABOURS’s partner 赉擘斯合伙人

Ms. Zheng holds the position of LABOURS partner. She graduated from Anhui University, majoring in law. She has been engaged in ER management consulting for over 10 years.

MS. Zheng has the combined professional knowledge of law, human resources and psychology, and can design comprehensive solutions, operation plans and communication plans for enterprises by flexibly applying Chinese labor laws in accordance with enterprise management objectives, corporate culture, human resources management process and specific situations of employees.

She served as a labor legal consultant and provided internal training to well-respected domestic and international enterprises including Deloitte, Deutsche Bank, Zurich, Citic-Prudential, Sanofi Pasteur, Mundi pharma, and Jianguo Hotel.

She once assisted NEC, Microsoft, Sina, Zurich and other well-known enterprises combing and optimizing human resource management systems, establishing legal and flexible systems, training and enabling human resource and business management teams to master the core methods and skills of labour relationship management, and supporting the realization of enterprise management objectives.

She has led large-scale national labour relations adjustment consulting project at Bayer, Roche, GSK, HERSHEY’S, General Mills, CLAAS, coordinating and promoting the project. With excellent project management and communication and coordination ability, she is able to effectively help enterprises achieve their strategic goals in the critical period of change and defuse the risk of group events.






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