Ms. Irène LIGraduated from HEC

Graduated from HEC (Hautes Etudes Commerciales), a leading European business school, and IFP (Institut Francais de Presse). Over 20 years of working experience both in France and in China.

毕业于巴黎高等商学院(HEC PARIS,欧洲领先的商学院)和IFP(Institut Français de Presse),具有在中国和法国超过20年的工作经验。

Irene started her career in China Ministry of Commerce, at Foreign Assistance Department, in charge of cooperation project management, feasibility studies with West African countries. This first working experience gave her chance to discover several African countries by many business trips, and also allowed her to know European Community due to 6 months of work in the European Commission in Brussels.


The fact that she has lived in France and Europe for more than a dozen of years, combined with her rich working experience at senior level, has allowed her a deep understanding of western values, particularly the western strategic way of thinking and the code of conduct. In addition to her innate Chinese cultural heritage, she has accumulated a wealth of culture and developed her unique approach to different issues.


Her programs focus on personal development in professional environment, and cover different fields such as assertiveness and self-confidence development, career reorientation, conflict management and cross-culture communication, etc.


She is fluent in Chinese, French and English


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