The Latest Tax and Customs Policies in the Greater Bay Area——How can companies and individuals embrace them?


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The seminar will focus on the latest tax and customs policies in the greater bay area. 本次研讨会将聚焦大湾区最新财税关税政策。


Course Objectives研讨目的

  • Greater Bay Area is the fourth largest bay area in the world and one of the most economically and financially developed regions in China. Since the outline development plan unveiled in February, new tax and customs policies were announced to help companies and individuals to meet Greater Bay Area development.
  • Participants can learn about the latest talent subsidy policy in the greater bay area, available customs strategies under Sino-US trade friction, the latest VAT policies and risk management measures so that they can better manage the day-to-day operation.
  • 大湾区是世界第四大海湾地区,也是中国经济、金融最发达的地区之一。自2月份公布发展计划大纲以来,宣布了新的税收和海关政策,以帮助公司和个人推动大湾区的发展。
  • 与会人员将了解到最新的大湾区人才政策补贴措施,更好地选择适用中美贸易摩擦下的关税策略,并能获悉最新的增值税政策和风险应对思路,将有助于他们做好企业日常运营工作,同时更好地享受减税降费所带来的益处。


  • 2:00pm-2:30pm Participants sign-in 参会人员签到
  • 2:30pm-3:15pm Greater bay area subsidies policy for high-end talents and scarce talents 大湾区最新高端人才及紧缺人才补贴政策
  • 3:15pm-3:45pm Customs strategy of enterprises under Sino-US trade friction 中美贸易摩擦下企业的关税策略
  • 4:00pm-4:40pm 2019 new VAT policy & risk management measures 2019年增值税新政策及风险应对
  • 4:40pm-5:00pm Discussion 交流讨论

Who should attend?

Finance, customs and tax executives 财税,关务高级管理人员,部门负责人

People interested in subsidy policy for Foreign employees in the GBA 对在大湾区就业的外籍人士政策补贴感兴趣的人群

**Please pay attention to the following things 请注意以下事项 *

Remember to bring your original copy of ID card or passport to get a visitor card at IFC lobby and access into British Centre. Photo copy, work permit and another personal license are not valid. The name on your identification should be consistent with the one you submitted during registration. *请务必带上身份证或者护照原件领取访客卡和通过英国中心安检。复印件,工作签证和其他个人证件皆无效。证件姓名需与报名姓名一致。


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