Intellectual Property - What strategy for the protection of Intellectual Property in China? - Guangzhou

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Experience has proven the strategic aspect of Intellectual Property cases. Because the administration of proofs is a chronologic matter, because the availability is a key to claim prior rights or, also, because businesses go through decisive moments through the course of their life, it is important to simultaneously be fast and look far ahead. The protection against infringement of long-term valuable assets is also an opportunity to reconcile short term and long-term positions. In order to address a strategic approach, our speakers will provide broad perspectives over intrinsic features of the Chinese market.


Application in the course of business life

What to do if you plan to land in China? What to do if you are in China?

The availability of IP rights

Which IP rights are available? The necessity of a comprehensive search

A matter of urgency

Why later might be never?

Intangible Asset & IP Valuation

IP as an investment rather than a cost: a few examples.


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