Building Strong Customer Relationships during Tough Times

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The Concept 课程概述

Times are tough. Companies are cutting back, people are tightening their belts, and many decision-makers are holding off on major purchases. However, your sales targets have NOT been reduced. Selling in a difficult economy requires stronger customer relationships than during a robust one.

日子不好过。很多公司正在削减开支,老百姓在勒紧裤带过日子, 许多决策者也在推迟大规模购买。然而,你的销售目标并没有减少。在严酷的经济形势下您需要更铁的客户关系。

What most sales people don't understand is that at the core of any relationship is trust. As such the entire premise of relationship building is about how to increase mutual trust between buyer and seller.

大多数销售人员不明白的是,任何关系的核心都是信任。 因此,整个关系建立的前提就是如何增加买卖双方的相互信任。

Customers make buying decisions because they care, which makes every buying decision to have an emotional aspect to it. What sales people need to do is to make an emotional connection with the customer through the trust that they have established with the customer.


With these concerns in mind, the "Building Strong Customer Relationships during Tough Times" programme was created as a result of 1-to-1 coaching with key accounts sales people from a variety of industries that involve complex key account situations across 13 cities in Asia.


This programme has been tried, modified, and re-tested to make sure that sales people deliver sustainable business results for customers, especially in the Asian context.



Objectives and Benefits 课程目标和学员受益

After this training programme, you shall be able to:


1) Understand and address customers' needs, concerns and expectations during tough times


2) Build trusting relationships with key personas


3) Influence and gain support from customers through respectful communication 通过尊重对方的沟通方式影响对方并获取支持

Methodology 教学方法

This Workshop consists of a lively series of short participative lectures conveyed using plain uncomplicated explanations. Learning will be facilitated through exercises and case studies. Ample seminar materials will be given to participants to serve as a constant source of reference to them. Ample time will be allotted for group discussion.



Who Should Attend 课程受众

This workshop is designed especially for Key Account Managers, Customer Service people and anyone who is responsible to grow more business from existing customers


Agenda 课程安排

Date: March 10th 2021
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Language: Chinese
Fees: 1200 RMB for Members | 1450 RMB for Non-Members
Venue: Onling training, the connection will be sent to you after registration


Registration 课程报名

Please scan the QR code or send e-mail to bj-training(@)


Please scan the QR code or send e-mail to bj-training(@)

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