New members

Visist of Tencent Cloud Europe's headquarters, CCI FRANCE CHINE's new Patron Member

In October, CCI FRANCE CHINE was pleased to welcome a new Patron Member, Tencent Cloud Europe.



Tencent Cloud Europe

Tencent Cloud Europe offers public cloud services for the European market which are provided by Tencent, the Chinese internet-based technology and cultural enterprise.

In order to better acquaint CCI FRANCE CHINE with the company, a one-day visit of its headquarter in Shenzhen was organized. The Chamber’s representatives as well as some of its Members were invited.

The team responsible for the visit gave an overview of the company and provided great insights of its global Cloud Strategy. The participants also experienced Tencent Cloud Europe’s first-hand solutions in its showroom.

With this one-day visit, CCI FRANCE CHINE was able to discover and learn more about this global technology leader.