When digital innovation is a threat: Take control of your industrial cybersecurity

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The CCI FRANCE CHINE has invited a panel of experts to share their experience and offer practical insights on the little-discussed topic of industrial cybersecurity. Clemence LAGUETTE is Digital Transformation Manager at Engie China. Maxime OLIVA is the founder of Digital Risks Protection (DRP) firm TEKID. Bruno LHOPITEAU is the Managing Director of Maintenance 4.0 solutions provider Siveco and coordinator of the “Industry of the Future” working group.




  • The context of increasing IoT penetration, emerging threats and increasing cybersecurity law enforcement.
  • From operational reality to corporate decision, how to convince management and users of the importance of securing industrial systems?
  • Understanding the benefits of cybersecurity audits on your industrial systems, beyond the mere IT perspective.
  •  Beyond your existing risks, what are the new risks that could emerge, how to prevent them and what are the best practices?”




Digital Transformation Manager and Chief Data Officer



Since 2018, Clemence leads the Digital transformation of ENGIE China (www.engie.cn) and deploys the Data strategy at a local level. She is also part of the World Economic Forum’s IoT, Robotics and Smart Cities Council as the deputy of ENGIE China CEO. Her driver is to apply Data to business while taking into consideration data privacy and ethic


Maxime OLIVA




TEKID (www.tek-id.com), a Digital Risks Protection (DRP) firm helping organizations that are embracing the benefits and opportunities of digital technologies, to face arising risks that must be identified and mitigated. With a unique tri-expertise around security, legal and operations in the Cyberspace we deliver solutions which are efficient, pragmatic, and highly advanced. We secure your businesses with intelligence




Managing Director

Siveco China


Siveco China (www.sivecochina.com), founded in 2004, is a pioneer in the development of Smart Technologies for the Operation & Maintenance of infrastructures and industrial plants. With over 1,000 client sites in Greater China, the company boasts a growing export business with Chinese EPC companies and investors on the Belt & Road



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