WeChat Official Accounts Operation Skills: How to attract fans and gaining customers through online activities (In Chinese)

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This course will help the students to organize online activities via WeChat official accounts, gaining fans and customers.


目标与内容 Objectives and Content 



WeChat official accounts have become a must for enterprises in the mobile era. More and more enterprises open their own official WeChat official accounts, not only as a way to promote the company image but also as a way to attract customers. However, Rome is not built in a day. In order to get fans and customers, we have to make WeChat official accounts professional and interesting. This is a challenge which requires planning and practice in daily operations. This course will help the students to organize online activities via WeChat official accounts, gaining fans and customers. 


课程受众 Who Should Attend ?


Marketing teams of the company




1. 吸粉拉新:以增加粉丝数量为目的
2. 增加粘性:给老粉丝老客户发福利
3. 线下转化:把线上粉丝转化为线下潜客
4. 公关宣传:企业大事推广


1. 应时应景:节假日要提前规划
2. 新品发布:配合企业市场营销
3. 品牌大事:企业年度大事必须跟进
4. 热点追踪:行业及市场大热点必须蹭


1. 活动设计要有趣、有利
2. 参与活动要简单直接:快速响应、低跳转
3. 不要让读者太费劲:高安全,少付出
4. 互动环节创造主动转发:有激励,有互动


1. "呼吁关注"或者"活动报名"非常重要
2. 6个技巧唤起读者的参与欲
3. 3个方法催促读者TAKE ACTION
4. 吸粉就要发够福利

Section 1: Create the activity theme according to the purpose

1. Maintain old fans and attract new ones: Increase the number of fans 
2. Increase fans’ attachments: Give benefits to old fans 
3. Offline conversion: Convert online fans into offline customers
4. Public relations publicity: Promotion of corporate events 

Section 2: Activity planning skills: Planning activities according to the timing

1. Be on time: Plan ahead for the holidays
2. New product release: Cooperate with enterprise marketing
3. Branding event: Annual event of the enterprise 
4. Hot spot tracking: Industry and market hot spot 

Section 3: Tips for engaging readers

1. Design activities that are fun and beneficial
2. Participation of the activity should be simple and direct: Quick response, low jump
3. Don't make it too hard on the reader: High security, low effort
4. Interactive link to create active forwarding: Where is incentive, there is interaction 

Section 4: Writing skills of activity copywriting

1. "Call for attention" or "sign up" is important
2. Six tips to engage the reader
3. Three ways to urge readers to TAKE ACTION
4. Bonus should be enough




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