Wechat Official Account Operation Skills

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Price: Members: 1500 RMB* for each course
Non-Members: 1700 RMB* for each course
The prices include 6.72% V.A.T
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WeChat Official Accounts Operation Skills



Introduction and teaching methods


They operation of WeChat official accounts should follow the principle of Corporate Communications, since WeChat official accounts have already become the most important tool to build corporate brand due to its speed and precision. In order to help the marketing team better operating WeChat official accounts, we have opened a two-day course to meet the needs from two aspects:
9:00 am- 16:00 pm, May 28th: How to operate WeChat official accounts.
This course is about the planning, managing and operating skills of WeChat official accounts.
9:00 am- 16:00 pm, May 29th: How to write WeChat articles
This course is about writing and composing of WeChat articles.
Each course is taught in 6 hours, plus Q&A after the course.

Teaching Method 
Online course via Tencent Meeting, meeting room number and password would be given after the payment. Please download the app and set up the platform before the class.


课程受众 Who Should Attend ?



Marketing teams of the company





How to operate WeChat official accounts?
9:00-11:00 am, May 28th
13:00-16:00 pm, May 28th



Lesson 1: Why we should use WeChat official accounts?

  1. WeChat official account is a necessary tool for marketing.
  2. Successful cases of WeChat official accounts.

Lesson 2: Be aware of the pitfalls

  1. First rule of the WeChat official platforms: don’t get into trouble.
  2. Legal copy of images and fonts.
  3. Taboos for WeChat official accounts.
  4. Don’t break the law when advertising.

Lesson 3: Strategies for WeChat official accounts

  1. Six types of WeChat official accounts
  2. Strategic thinking of WeChat official accounts
  3. Service account or subscription account?
  4. How to position a WeChat official account?
  5. Long term planning for corporate branding.

Lesson 4: Completeness: what is a good article?

  1. The evaluation criterion for a WeChat official account.
  2. A good article should be easily read.
  3. A goof article should look nice.
  4. 3 keys points of a good article.
  5. Meet the right values of the society.
  6. Two things we should avoid.
  7. What kind of articles people like?

Lesson 5 How to write a popular article?

  1. Planning before writing.
  2. Tactics for planning an article.
  3. Find your target audience.
  4. Provide values in the article.
  5. Think strategically: thinking on top of the industry.
  6. You are the expert: Being expert has a unique advantage.
  7. Visual appearance: Image and short videos.
  8. Practice: How to write a good planning.

Session 6: Follow the hotspot

  1. Be aware of the taboos when follow the hotspot.
  2. Timeliness of the hotspot.
  3. Be creative
  4. How to pick the right hotspot and add content?
  5. Build a “Hotspot Calendar”
  6. Practice: How to catch a hotspot?

Session 7: Promotion and attract fans

  1. Online activities skills
  2. Offline activities skills
  3. “Ask them to follow” and “Activity registration”
  4. 6 Skills to arouse readers’ involvement.
  5. 3 Ways to ask them Take Action
  6. Enough bonus to attract fans.
  7. Skills for poster design.

Session 8: Analyze the data

  1. What does the data mean?
  2. How to read the data?
  3. How to adjust the strategy by analyzing the data?
  4. How to use the list of WeChat official accounts?
  5. Practice: How to write a comprehensive WeChat data analysis report?

Session 9: Successful cases of different industries

  1. B2B industry: Manufacturing
  2. B2B industry: Technical companies
  3. B2B industry: Consulting and service
  4. B2B industry: NGO and cultural industry
  5. B2B industry: Finance
  6. B2C industry: Medical and health industry
  7. B2C industry: Education
  8. B2C industry: Food and restaurant
  9. B2C industry: FMCG
  10. B2C industry: Travel industry.


How to write WeChat articles?
9:00-11:00 am, May 29th
13:00-16:00 pm, May 29th



Lesson 1: Different types of articles

  1. Corporate News
  2. Product introductions (popular science)
  3. Service Promotion(advertising)
  4. Successful cases
  5. Show opinions
  6. Invitation letter
  7. Online activities

Lesson 2: How to write syllabus

  1. Don’t be afraid to write
  2. The first rule of an article is to tell a story
  3. Some tips: How long a paragraph should be?
  4. Syllabus is very helpful in writing articles.

Lesson 3: How to write a 100,000+ article

  1. The title decides whether the article will be read.
  2. A good title must send a message.
  3. The difference between a good and a bad article.
  4. 10 formula of a good title.
  5. Practice: How to write a good title.

Session 4: How to write “Soft articles”

  1. ABCDEs to write a good article (Story)
  2. 3 Frameworks (for techniques and products)
  3. Find a witness (for product advertising)
  4. Write parallel stories (for company news)
  5. Revise your article again and again

Session 5: 5 Formula to increase the reading rate

  1. A good start and a brilliant ending
  2. First impression is important
  3. Formula 1: Catch the hotspot
  4. Formula 2: I have a friend
  5. Formula 3: Something happened recently
  6. Formula 4: Find the abstract 
  7. Formula 5: Speak out the core value
  8. The beginning method which don’t recommend

Session 6: 5 ways of ending

  1. Suspense and twist
  2. Coherent with the beginning
  3. Call for actions
  4. Reiterate the main idea
  5. Bring out the theme

Session 7: 8 ways to fill your articles

  1. Highlight the theme
  2. Write details of the product
  3. Find proof for each argument
  4. Data is the best story
  5. Customer feedbacks and expert endorsement
  6. Use tables to show expertise
  7. Insert images to send a message
  8. How to use video in an article?

Session 8: 10 tips to increase the readability

  1. Composing is important.
  2. Tip 1: Set a visual design beforehand
  3. Tip 2: Uniform the color
  4. Tip 3: Beautiful subtitles
  5. Tip 4: Break the article into paragraphs
  6. Tip 5: Use golden sentences
  7. Tip 6: An image+ a golden sentence = a good article
  8. Tip 7: How to compose the beginning?
  9. Tip 8: How to compose the end?
  10. Tip 9: Design beautiful images
  11. Tip 10: Uniform the style

Session 9: Tools which will be helpful

  1. Use Xiumi for composing
  2. Use New Media Keeper to save time
  3. How to use the photo gallery?


Please contact sc-hr@ccifc.org to register for this training.



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