[WEBINAR] Facing organizational new challenges, how to ensure the balance between corporate goals and employee satisfaction? 面对组织变革及裁员如何确保企业目标与员工满意的平衡?

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In the post pandemic era, is your company facing significant organizational change such as relocation, mergers and acquisitions?


Since many foreign enterprises announced plans for their intention to reduce labour costs, some enterprises have been "slimming down for the winter" in 2019. When it comes to 2020, the COVID-19 global crisis made the economy more vulnerable.

In the post pandemic era, is your company facing significant organizational change such as relocation, mergers and acquisitions? How should managers deal with the challenges of organizational change and personnel management?

伴随着一波又一波外资商业巨头的裁员消息,减员增效、压缩人员编制、业务线优化是组织管理者不可避免的关键词,2019年一些企业已然 "瘦身过冬",2020年突如奇来的疫情又为下行期的经济"雪上加霜"。


The CCI FRANCE CHINE together with LABOURS is glad to share with you how to deal with the challenge of organizational change and people management, focusing on the following points:

-How to treat the organizational change and management challenges after the covid-19?
-What are the misunderstandings exist in the traditional personnel adjustment scheme design?
-How to prepare and design a plan to achieve rapid adjustment within 10 days?
-How to effectively reduce legal risk and cost and increase the signing rate to over 99% in a limited time?
-How to achieve a win-win situation that ensures the balance between enterprise goals and employee satisfaction?






Beijing Labour Consulting Co., Ltd. (LABOURS) established in 1995, was the very first organization specialized in legal consulting for labor affairs in China, helping enterprises to build harmonious labor relations. LABOURS has solved the problem of collective labor relations adjustment of hundreds of enterprises, dealt with more than 60 headcount reduction projects which involved more than 100 people, and totally communicated with tens of thousands of employees. Services covers 91 percent of China. No matter the scale of redundancy, the negotiation time between LABOURS team and the involved employees is no more than 3 days on average, and more than 98.8% of them achieved mutual agreement with the employer.




Ms. Guo Yanjun 郭燕君
the Principal Consultant, the Chairman and the founder of LABOURS 

Ms. Guo has worked in the labor relations management consulting field for over 30 years. She is a pioneer in the labor relations management service industry in China. With rich practical experience, keen project management skills, and proficient and agile use of the law, Ms. Guo oversees her teams in accomplishing many corporate turnovers that cover thousands of people during strategic transformation periods, which effectively prevent mass disturbances and labor disputes.

After years of running her own practice, Ms. Guo has led her teams to pioneer many staple theories and instrumental models related to strategic labor relations management, which has become a vital solution to realize legal, flexible, and harmonious employment.


Mr. Jason Shao 邵博
Partner of LABOURS

Mr. Shao holds the position of LABOURS Partner. Mr. Shao graduated from China’s Renmin University majoring in human resource management. 

He has worked in labor relations management consultation for nearly 10 years. He has presided over personnel downsizing project in the restructuring of Acer and Founder, and has hosted nearly 60 large-scale labor relationship adjustment and consulting projects in various well-known enterprises, such as JD, HERSHEY'S , LOTTE, Pfizer, Roche, THOMSON REUTERS, STARR, ADAMA, Baker Hughes, United Technologies, Techkinetics, CMCC, Beijing Capital Land and Kappa.

Mr. Shao can help enterprise effectively anticipate and predict with management objectives and results oriented, through the flexible use of labor laws and regulations and labor relations management situation of the communication skills. He can quickly establish a balance solution to achieve the enterprise goals and employee’s satisfaction, a deal with all kinds of practical problems smoothly and efficiently.


Mr. Alex Xing 星光 
Partner of LABOURS

Mr. Alex Xing holds a Master degree in Imperial College London. He has profound experience and knowledge in strategic and organizational change, building agile organization, and ER management. After joining LABOURS, he applied his project management skills and Chinese labor law insights to many projects of organization development and change in different types of enterprises, such as JD, Hershey, Bayer, Roche, Servier, NEC, Emerson, Lining, etc. Meanwhile, he exert his unique perspective in labor relations management theory and workplace communication to agile organization, revitalizing organizational and individual productivity. 




Olivier MARESCQ 
Pernod Ricard


Thomas KLEIN
Creative Union


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