V.I.E in China 在华法国企业国际志愿者项目


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The V.I.E international internship program is an initiative that enables businesses operating under French law to offer talented young people the opportunity to complete a secure professional assignment for them abroad of 6 to 24 months. The French companies hiring VIEs can benefit from a range of tax benefits, regional funding, Relaunch V.I.E cheques and prospection insurance to expand abroad. 

The host company can use stable and highly qualified personnel without any impact on the company's staffing, and there is the opportunity to test potential future employees. 83% of V.I.E interns are hired after completing their internship.

Since June 2022, Chinese embassies in various countries have gradually adjusted their visa policy to China, so that those approved by the Chinese authorities to work in China do not need to submit a PU letter when applying for a work visa, and the procedure for foreigners to apply for a work visa to China has basically returned to what it was before the epidemic. For French companies, this simplification has greatly facilitated the procedures for young talents to come to China. The V.I.E program is the best choice for companies to develop international markets with minimal cost and a simplified administrative management. 

法国企业国际志愿者(V.I.E)项目是法国政府的一个人力资源解决方案。法国企业可以通过该方案派遣年轻人赴国外执行为期6 – 24个月的专业任务。法国公司聘请VIE可以享受一系列的税收优惠、大区补贴、重振补贴及拓展海外市场保险等。










Mrs. Elisabeth HUANG


V.I.E Correspondent - Canton & Shenzhen 企业国际志愿者联络人 - 广州、深圳

Business France 法国商务投资署

Elisabeth HUANG joined Business France office in Guangzhou in 2000, she is the local administration manager and V.I.E correspondent for South China, she is also a Senior Trade Advisor in the department of Partnerships, communication & Press. Elisabeth has a strong knowledge of the V.I.E program in China and provides valuable advice and support for enterprises to handle V.I.E. procedures in China.





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