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"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." -Steve Jobs



Innovation sprints are a structured but dynamic method for group brainstorming. Learn how to use tried and true creative thinking techniques to generate and choose new ideas for business products, services, and solutions. In this dynamic workshop, you will learn the basics of practicing divergent and convergent thinking techniques. In an energetic team environment, we will generate new ideas for products and services, pitch them, analyze and select winning ideas for future development.


After this workshop, you will be equipped with a framework to disrupt thinking patterns, find inspiration, stimulate creativity, promote change and agile thinking in your team. Everyone is an innovator! Come and discover why!


Course outline

Ice-breaker and Introduction

  • What is it? Neuroscience explanation of Creativity
  • The Divergent and Convergent Thinking Model
  • Evidence it works
  • Why Creativity is top soft-skill in demand
  • Intrepreneur versus Entrepreneur
  • Product, Service and Social Innovation
  • Creative mood boosters
  • Office supplies for brainstorming


How to run an innovation sprint?

Step 1: Challenge statement

  • Drafting guidelines and examples
  • Challenging the Challenge – using Design Thinking
  • Challenge statement metamorphosis

                Expansion Method

                Reduction Method

                Replacement Method

  • Group work on mock Innovation Sprint Challenge Statement


Step 2: Divergent Thinking Session

  • Explore tools to spark ideas

                Antipodes- Reversing assumptions

                Word Surge - Random word association

                Walkabout – Stimulation from surroundings

                Object morphing – Inspiration though combining objects

                Vision - Feeding your brain with imagery

                Fantasy Trip -Using the power of imagination

                Wow Powwow - Utilizing conversations

                Acronym Whim - Using SCUMP and SCAMPER

                Shuffle – using Ideation and Innovation card decks

  • Individual ideation work
  • Team ideation work


 Step 3: Convergent Thinking Session

  • Explore decision making tools

                 Chip voting

                 Impact & Effort Matrix

                 NUF Test

                 PMI Test

  • Team analyzing, organizing and pitching ideas
  • Individual selection of ideas for future development



  • Creative Leadership
  • Tips for promoting innovation in the office
  • Overcoming corporate Siloing and Brain Block
  • Rewarding innovative thinking
  • Stockpiling ideas in the innovation pipeline (Idea Pool)
  • Maintaining an inventive spirit


Review and Survey


Who Should Attend?


This course will be valuable to you if:

  • You are an employee who wants to develop creativity as a soft skill.
  • You are in a leadership role and want to start or improve an innovation program.
  • You are already involved in innovation but want to learn techniques to boost the creativity of your team.
  • You are involved in creative projects and need to overcome brain block.
  • You are a designer or engineer and want to find possibilities for future projects.
  • You want to be a pioneer in your industry.
  • You want to have fun and think outside the box.



08:45 Registration & Networking
09:00 Morning Session
10:30 Morning Session Coffee Break
10:45 Morning Session
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Afternoon Session
15:30 Afternoon Session Coffee Break
15:45 Afternoon Session
17:00 Session Ends



Lindsay Prater

Consultant at Unbox Your Brain

Lindsay (林琳)is an innovation and creativity consultant based in Shanghai. She launched Unbox Your Brain to promote innovation awareness and curate ideation meth-ods for companies and individuals in China. Her technical mind combined with a well-rounded experience in cross-cultural organizations enables her to guide clients to solve problems in untraditional ways. She has coached entrepreneurs and executives to stretch their imagination and break out of traditional thinking patterns to discover novel ideas. She facilitates innovation sprints and brainstorming sessions for corporations and entrepreneurs. She is a licensed Professional Engineer who has lived and worked in China for over a decade. She graduated and worked at Georgia Tech a USA top-10 university and speaks Mandarin (HSK level 5). When she isn’t immersed in innovation training or working on her inventions, she enjoys conversing about life with people from all over the world and celebrating nature.






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