Tips for Effective Business Email Writing 高效商务英语邮件写作

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This course will be conducted in Chinese.

Learning Objective 学习目标

Business email is the most common, convenient and low-cost way to communicate in the workplace. Therefore, it’s essential to improve your business email writing skills to achieve better performance at work.

To help participants to communicate by email more efficiently, this course will introduce common email content structures, effective email communication methods and how to handle emails of different scenarios. You will be able to get key points across clearly and concisely, further make it easy for readers to take actions.


Course Content 课程内容

  • Email Communication Strategy
  1. Stakeholders’ analysis
  2. Purpose analysis
  • 邮件沟通的战略分析
  1. 沟通双方的势能分析,资源分析
  2. 邮件沟通的目的分析
  • Email Subject
  1. What subject can do
  2. How to add value to your subject
  • 邮件的标题
  1. 标题的战略意义
  2. 如何打造更有价值,有意义的标题
  • Content Structure
  1. General model: PASS
  2. Structural model: CLCL
  3. Special Scenario: AAA
  • 邮件内容的结构分析
  1. PASS模型
  2. CLCL结构性思维模型
  3. AAA处理敏感邮件模型
  • Effective Email Communication Principles
  1. 7C principle (Complete, Clear, Correct, Courtesy, Concrete, Considerate, Concise)
  • 邮件的有效沟通的原则
  1. 高效沟通的7C原则(完整、清晰、正确、语调、具体、体贴、简洁)


Target Group 参加对象

Professionals of all levels who want to improve their business writing capabilities



Trainer 培训师

Mr. Allen LIU

  • Senior business English trainer   商务英语高级讲师
  • Professional bilingual trainer and coach on public speaking  职业中英双语演讲培训师及演讲教练

Allen has rich experience as a trainer and coach on presentation and public speaking. He conducted trainings about business speech and presentation, work report and communication, those trainings are with good comments from participants. His clients include JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle), Maersk, Allianz and so on. He holds training with lots of cases study and stimulation to keep interactions with participants. 






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