The Advanced Application Tips of Excel 微软Office Excel 高阶培训


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This training is conducted in Chinese. 本次课程用中文授课。

课程受益 Course Benefits

  • 掌握职场高阶函数,处理更为复杂的数据统计与分析 | Master the higher-level functions to process more complex data statistics and analysis
  • 掌握数据分析的相关工具,有效挖掘数据价值 |  Master the relevant tools of data analysis and find the value of data effectively
  • 掌握数据看板制作方法,数据分析结果更全面、系统及高效| Master data table production methods, make data analysis results more comprehensive, systematic and efficient
  • 掌握高阶商务图表类型的绘制,让数据传达形式更为新颖及多样化 | Master the drawing methods of high-level business chart types to make the forms of data transmission more novel and diversified


课程纲要 Training Outline

1. Excel技巧与操作 | Excel skills and operation

        1.1 数据二级验证 | Secondary data verification

        1.2 限制数据重复录入 | Limit repeated data entry

        1.3 数据动态监控 | Data dynamic monitoring

        1.4 数据表误差比对与突出显示 | Data sheet error comparison and highlighting

        1.5 数据保护之单元格、工作表、工作簿和角色管理 | Role management of data protection: cell, worksheet and workbook

2. Excel函数进阶 | Advanced formulas and functions

        2.1 Vlookup的多条件匹配 | Multi-condition matching of vlookup

        2.2 Xlookup来了 | Xlookup

        2.3 Sumproduct函数 | Sumproduct function

        2.4 Offset函数| Offset function

        2.5 Index函数 | Index function

3. 数据新招—PowerQuery | New data technology - PowerQuery

        3.1 工作簿多工作表动态快速汇总 | Dynamic summary of multi worksheet

        3.2 多工作簿多工作表动态快速汇总| Dynamic summary of multiple workbooks

        3.3 追加查询 | Add query

        3.4 合并查询 | Consolidated query

        3.5 分列与格式 | Breakdown and format

        3.6 数据分组汇总 | Data grouping summary

4. 数据超级透视表——Power Pivot | Super PivotTable report - power pivot

        4.1 日期维度表创建 | Creation of date dimension table

        4.2 星形模型 | Star model

        4.3 雪花模型 | Snowflake model

        4.4 度量值初试 | Preliminary test of measurement value

        4.5 度量值规则 | Measure rules

5. Dashboard 动态仪表板制作 |  Dynamic dashboard

        5.1 数据和图表的关联 | Association of data and charts

        5.2 图表与切片器的关联 | Correlation between chart and slicer

        5.3 切片器联动与布局 | Slicer linkage and layout

        5.4 切片器美化 | Slicer beautification


特别提示 Notice


We recommend to use Windows Microsoft office2013 in this training. Some applications cannot be realized in Mac version.


Registration 课程报名

Please scan the below QR code or send email to bj-training((@))

The connecting processes will be sent by email after registration | 报名成功后会发送网课登录信息到邮箱。

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