Project Application and Practice of Project Management (in Chinese)

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  1. 项目管理基本知识
    1. 国际上流行的项目管理知识体系介绍(欧洲IPMA美国PMI)
    2. 项目管理基础知识介绍(十大知识领域、四个阶段、五个过程、三个要素)
    3. 项目经理的职责要求(领导力、影响力、决策力)
    4. 项目关系人关系处理(项目发起人、客户、用户、供应商、团队、管理层)

1. Basic knowledge of project management

a. Introduction about the international popular project management knowledge system (Europe IPMA United States PMI)

b. Introduction about the basic knowledge of project management (Ten knowledge areas, Four stages, Five processes and Three elements)

c. Responsibilities of Project Manager (Leadership, Influence, Decision-making)

d. Project relationship processing (Project sponsor, Customer, User, Supplier, Team, Management)

  1. Project基本设置
    1. 出现项目摘要任务
    2. 出现大纲数字
    3. 任务模式介绍

2. Basic settings of Project

a. Project summary task

b. Outline number settings

c. Introduction about task mode

  1. 项目案例介绍
    1. 项目名称、项目开始时间、项目结束时间
    2. 项目主要节点要求

3. Project case introduction

a. Project name, start time and end time

b. Main node requirements of the project

  1. 开始编制计划(进度计划、资源计划、成本计划,其他计划略)

4. Prepare plan (Schedule, Resource plan, Cost plan, other plans)

  1. 项目进度计划编制
    1. 日历设置
    2. WBS分解
    3. 工期设置
    4. 关联性设定
    5. 关键路径
    6. 项目进度压缩方法
    7. 检查进度计划是否满足要求,如果不满足如何调整
    8. 进度计划的输出

5. Prepare project schedule

a. Set Calendar

B. WBS decomposition

c. Set Duration

d. Set Associativity

e. Critical path

f. Project schedule compression method

g. Check whether the schedule meets the requirements, and how to adjust if not

h. Output of schedule

  1. 项目资源计划编制
    1. 资源规划
    2. 资源表建立
    3. 资源分配
    4. 资源分配状况查看
    5. 资源调配
    6. 资源计划输出
    7. 资源计划与进度计划的协调

6. Prepare project resource plan

a. Resource Planning

b. Resource table establishment

c. Resource allocation

d. View resource allocation status

e. Allocation of resource

f. Resource plan output

g. Coordination of resource plan and schedule

  1. 项目费用计划编制
    1. 项目费用如何估算
    2. 项目费用科目如何划分
    3. 项目费用与资源的关系
    4. 项目费用的分配
    5. 项目费用的执行
    6. 项目费用超支后如何处理
    7. 项目费用计划与资源计划与进度计划的互相影响
    8. 项目费用的统计分析

7. Preparation of project cost plan

a. How to estimate the project cost

b. How to divide project expense accounts

c. Relationship between project cost and resources

d. Allocation of project costs

e. Implementation of project cost

f. How to deal with project cost overrun

g. Interaction between project cost plan, resource plan and schedule plan

h. Statistical analysis of project cost

  1. 其他计划的补充
    1. 沟通计划补充到计划中
    2. 质量保证计划补充到计划中
    3. 采购计划补充到计划中
    4. 风险管理计划补充道计划中

8. Supplement to other plans

a. Add communication plan

b. Add quality assurance plan

c. Add purchase plan

d. Add risk management plan

  1. 整体计划的优化与协调
    1. 整体计划优化,检查是否满足要求
    2. 整体计划如何输出打印技巧
    3. 整体计划如何审批

9. Optimization and coordination of overall plan

a. Optimize the overall plan and check whether it meets the requirements

b. How to output printing skills for overall plan

c. How to approve the overall plan

  1. 开始执行项目

10. Start project implementation

  1. 项目执行
    1. 完成百分比如何使用
    2. 实际开始时间,实际完成时间的使用
    3. 任务更新方法
    4. 项目更新方法

11. Project implementation

a. How to use percent

b. Use of actual start time and actual finish time

c. Method of Task update

d. Method of Project update

  1. 项目跟踪
    1. 项目比较基准保存
    2. 项目比较基准的解释与理解
    3. 项目比较基准的应用
    4. 多基准的应用技巧
    5. 新增的任务如何保存基准
    6. 跟踪甘特图如何使用
    7. 如何发现项目执行偏差
    8. 项目偏差后如何纠偏
    9. 进度线的使用方法
    10. 项目版本比较的使用方法
    11. 红绿灯的制作
    12. 工期差异预警
    13. 完成时间差异预警
    14. 项目交付物如何与任务关联

12. Project tracking

a. Save Project baseline

b. Interpretation and understanding of project baseline

c. Application of project baseline

d. Application skills of multi baseline

e. How to save baseline for new tasks

f. How to use Tracking Gantt charts

g. How to find the deviation of project implementation

h. How to correct the project deviation

i. How to use the progress line

j. How to use project version comparison

k. Production of traffic lights

l. Early warning of construction period difference

m. Completion time difference alert

n. How project deliverables relate to tasks


  1. 项目如何关闭
    1. 项目关闭的标准是什么
    2. 资源如何释放

13. How to close the project

a. Criteria of project closure

b. How to release resources

  1. 多项目管理方法(项目群)
    1. 资源库的使用方法
    2. 跨项目的关联
    3. 主项目与子项目的概念
    4. 主项目与子项目的使用
    5. 项目执行结果如何检查与统计


14. Multi project management method (project group)

a. How to use the resource library

b. Cross project associations

c. Concept of main project and subproject

d. Use of main and sub projects

e. How to check and count the results of project implementation


Trainer introduction

Huibin Zhang PMP, PgMP, PRINCE2, NPDP

  • Microsoft most valuable professional
  • General manager of Beijing HIGHFARINFO technology co., LTD
  • 20 years of Project management experience,
  • Signed lecturer of Siemens school of management
  • Published four books on Project management



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