Presentation Persuasion - Make your Presentations More Targeted, Strategic and Persuasive

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"If everyone in the room agreed with you, you wouldn't need to do a presentation, would you? […] the reason we do presentations is to make a point, to sell one or more ideas."

- Seth Godin Author/ Marketer



Presentation Persuasion is an advanced workshop designed to help presenters make their presentations more targeted, strategic, and persuasive. Using time tested oratory techniques as well as cutting edge neuromarketing science, this workshop will show you how to optimize your results. Participants will be taught the most powerful marketing and advertising methods used by the worlds most effective influencers, Whether your selling, motivating, or persuading, you'll learn and practice the best methods of getting what you want!


 Session Outline


PREPARATION - the foundation of persuasion

  • Persuasion Theory: Challenges, misunderstandings, and common errors
  • Marketing 101: Audience Analysis and why and how people make choices, decisions, and buy

COGNITION- the science of how we think and process information

  • Load- The amount and complexity our brain can easily process at any given time
  • Bias- The subconscious tendencies our brain has for or against concepts
  • Dissonance- The struggle to harmonize inconsistency

ORATION- the ancient art of public speaking

  • Oratory, Aristotle, and Demosthenes- The origins of modern presentations
  • Ethos - Ethical appeal
  • Pathos- Emotional appeal
  • Logos- Logical appeal
  • Rhetoric: The ancient art of persuasion and the devices still used today


PERSUASION- the theory behind affecting change

  • Neuromarketing- Using brain science to shape your message
  • 6 Tools of Influence- Book highlights from author Dr. Robert Cialdini
  • Behavioral Science + Economics: Introduction, Examples, and Applications

VISUALIZATION- aids to perception

  • Images - mental and emotional shortcuts and using balance
  • Color- designing with context, harmony and the color wheel
  • Graphs and charts- giving numbers meaning while avoiding boring complexity
  • Text- typography, minimalism , white space , and cognitive load


CONNECTION- the human element of bonding

  • Rapport- Building a relationship with your audience
  • Nerves- Managing your fear of others, yourself, and failure
  • Eye Contact- Using your eyes to read, express, and connect
  • Naturalness- Building trust and confidence through being your true self

CONVICTION- the feelings we share

  • Passion - Creating, developing, and expressing belief
  • Body Language- Posture, expressions, gestures, positioning, and movement
  • Voice - Using the voice to affect persuasion

ACTION- the call for change

  • Change- Logical appeal
  • Finale - Building up to the crescendo
  • Executable - Facilitating change: removing obstacles and building bridges
  • Follow up - Planning for the future: seeing it through after the presentation


  • Final Student presentation - feedback
  • Review - Principles





Empowers people to crystallize, optimize, and emphasize their ideas.

Creator of the 3D (DESIGN | DEVELOP | DELIVER) Presentation system, which teaches students to…


DESIGN: Simplifying your message, organize and structure their content
DEVELOP: Building up engagement and ‘stickiness’ by adding rhetorical, visual, and interactive elements
DELIVER: Conveying your message in a persuasive & compelling way.

Specializes in Presentation training and coaching and Slide (PPT) design. From brainstorming content, structuring your message, illustrations, storytelling, body language ,voice control, and Data visualization, all bases are covered.

With over 10 years of presentation training experience, he designs, creates content, and runs workshops customized to the audiences needs. Courses are tailored, content based, and highly interactive.
He engages audiences and challenges them to reach their potential. The focus is on helping students isolate their true message and teaching them to convey it with each individual audience in mind. Using humor, storytelling, and interaction he methodically takes them through all the steps from design to delivery in a way of development that is logical, yet appeals to both reason and emotion.





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