PR Training: Brand Innovation in the Mobile Era 公关培训:移动时代如何品牌创新 方法论和最新策略工具

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This training is a set of "brand innovation methodology." This training helps enterprise students to systematically recognize and learn the effective ways of brand innovation; learn how to fully integrate your brand with the business strategy and the broader environment to achieve brand and business development.


Objectives and Content

In the mobile era, many traditional enterprises whether B2B or B2C are facing huge challenges. Traditional distribution channels are declining, traditional media are continuing to shut down, and traditional marketing methods are losing their effects…At the same time, the content on mobile phone seem to bring more fresh marketing games and more subversive business models. The changes brought about by the mobile era are irreversible. Moreover, China’s mobile Internet has a very special ecosystem, the huge amount of users is unique in the world, and the results is the creation of Giant platforms software such as Wechat, Tik Tok, Toutiao(Headlines today), Taobao etc. There are no precedents in the world, and no other similar examples in any other country. The new information, new demands, new hot topics and new trends happening on the Chinese users’s mobile phones are unpredictable and uncontrollable. More companies find that they can only adapt to this trend. Therefore, more companies are striving to adapt to the new media environment and market trends, and are constantly reforming their own brands and trying new marketing methods.


For traditional manufacturing companies, especially B2B companies, they have encountered many difficulties on the road of "brand innovation" and "market innovation." For example, most traditional manufacturing enterprises are high-tech or high-entry barriers, and the leading companies in the segment market. Traditionally, they only rely on channels to achieve good performance income, the investment and will to invest to develop public relations is insufficient. However, since the overall economic growth rate in the past two years was insufficient, these companies hope to gain new growth momentum by building brands or re-innovating traditional brands. They often ask: "Should we open the WeChat public account?" "Do we need to make a new marketing campaign in the manufacturing industry?", "Should we advertising on Toutiao (Headlines Today)?", "The recent brand strategy of competing products looks good, how can and should we catch up?"


To answer these questions, we must understand first that the brand building is a systematic work, and the brand strategy is the manifestation of the company's business strategy. Brand innovation includes business model innovation, brand connotation innovation, and brand communication efforts and media innovation. This is a set of "brand innovation methodology." This training helps enterprise students to systematically recognize and learn the effective ways of brand innovation; learn how to fully integrate your brand with the business strategy and the broader environment to achieve brand and business development.


Target Group 

- Executives of small and medium-sized enterprises
- 中小企业的高管

-Personnel in the market department, public relations department, advertising department and other teams responsible for budgeting, planning, operation and execution of brands and markets, such as marketing managers, public relations managers, marketing specialists, etc.
- 在企业市场部、公关部、广告部等负责品牌和市场的预算制定、策划、运营、执行的团队,如市场经理、公关经理、市场专员等。

- A certain market management experience is necessary.
- 需要有一定的市场管理经验。


The first step in brand innovation: Where am I?

1.1 你的用户发生了哪些改变?——用户群体定位
1.2 你的用户不希望你改变什么?——品牌核心价值定位
1.3 现有品牌的优势和劣势分析
1.4 现有品牌传播媒介的优势和劣势分析

The second step in brand innovation: Where do I want to go?

2.2 对标法:说出你最想成为的那个品牌。分析你们的异同。
2.3 定位法:以核心价值辐射新领域
2.4 需求法:以客户新需求为创新灵感
2.5 媒介法:以新销售渠道为创新中心

The third step of brand innovation: What media can I use?

3.2 错误的媒介选择
3.4 传播的营销手段真得过时了吗?
3.6 如何在传统基础上选择创新媒介

The fourth step of brand innovation: What new story can I tell?

4.1 品牌创新法则:新故事才是根本
4.2 如何开发新的品牌故事
4.3 内容营销才是新时代的真功夫
4.4 内容营销的常见手法:丰俭由人,各种预算皆可以


Date 日期:13th June 6月13日
Time 时间:
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1:00 pm - 4:00 pm  Afternoon Session 课程
Language 语言:Chinese 中文

Fees 费用:
CCI FRANCE CHINE Members 中国法国工商会会员: RMB 850 
Non Members 非会员: RMB 1 000 
* All taxes included 此价格为含税价格
Location 地点:Floor 3, Gate 4, Pacific Century Place, 2A Workers' Stadium North Road  北京市朝阳区工体北路甲2号, 盈科中心4号门3层


Tuya Ulan 

In 2014, Wulan Tuya founded Linglong Gezhi International Public Relations Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Since 2018, she has served as an MBA professional tutor at Peking University National Development Institute. Wulan joined the Newell Public Relations in 2003, after that she served in the world's leading companies and agencies in public relation field such as Fleishman Hillard and the American Chamber of Commerce in China.

Over the 15 years, she contributed to public relations, marketing, brand building. She has served both Chinese and foreign clients all over the world, from Global Fortune 500 companies to domestic start-ups. She has served in leading companies in a variety of industries, including Caterpillar, Emerson, PepsiCo, Copenhagen Fur, Cochlear, NBA, Mercedes-Benz, Colgate, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto, Siebel Systems, Juniper Network, Nyenrode Business University, and University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

In China, through the establishment of public relations and brand awareness, using cutting-edge marketing and digital marketing techniques, she is committed to helping more local companies to open the market quickly through establishing brands.

Recent years, based on the local media environment and mass communication characteristics, Ulan Tuya has developed a series of public relations and marketing courses. These courses improve the PR and brand literacy and practical capabilities of enterprises which aim at building brands and expanding markets within Chinese audiences.

Ulan earned her bachelor’s degree in English from Beijing International Studies University. She graduated from the National Development Institute of Peking University with an MBA and received an MBA from the Leuven Business School in Belgium.




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