PR Training: Brand Communication on a Limited Budget 公共关系培训:有限预算下的品牌传播

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In this course, we will tackle this issue and share some ideas. We hope to help the public relations market personnel to better finish their work and improve their KPI.


Objectives and Content

Since 2018, the market has entered a "new normality": Incremental slowdown and market flow reduction. Internet companies are suffering from "a decline in dividends flow," and the new model that has been in the forefront are now stagnating.We observed that the overall market is in a sluggish situation, companies have made different levels of strategic adjustments in brand communication, market expansion, and marketing.


The first type: Some companies that did not do branding or public relations, and only do vertical channel sales, found that the market is no longer as easy to make money as before. Thus, they began to invest in their brand image and marketing, hoping to open up new customers.


The second type:In this case, the company is already a leading company in the industry. When the market is doing well, it invests a lot into brand communication and marketing. It has a stable channel and a certain brand awareness. Now it chooses to reduce the brand budget and market investment, and reduce the expenditure of market brands as an important way of saving costs.


The third type:B2B enterprises are not affected by the situation and are continuing to grow. But the uniqueness of its market is not comparable to B2C’s various rapid customer marketing methods, the brand communication of B2C enterprises is also affected by policies and regulations, therefore there are more difficulties in the face of limited budget.


Whether it’s a budget cut or a low-budget strategy, it brings a huge challenge to the company’s public relations market personnel: not spending money and spending less on brand communication and marketing is probably the hardest challenge.In this course, we will tackle this issue and share some ideas. We hope to help the public relations market personnel to better finish their work and improve their KPI.



Target Group 

This training is applicable to teams responsible for market department, public relations department, advertising department and other teams responsible for budgeting, planning, operation and execution of brands and markets, such as marketing managers, public relations managers, marketing specialists, etc. A certain market and public relations work experience is needed as the basis.

Course Outline 

Section 1: Inventory Brand Assets: What are your core values?

1. 企业的核心产品和服务就是你的核心资产
2. 你的忠实客户群体值得你认真给他们画像
3. 企业发展历程中积累了什么传奇故事
4. 人才是品牌的灵魂:你的"小团队"和"大团队"

Section 2: Different branding costs, the key is not the budget but the "planning strategy"

1. 分析好"品牌要素"
2. 写好"品牌定位"
3. 定下你的品牌绝对不变的"核心定位"
4. 辐射其他"求新求变"的可能性

Section 3: "Precision Marketing" is the most effective brand method

1. "精准营销"理念的四个维度
2. 精准营销之精准了解你的受众
3. 精准营销之精心设计你的品牌信息
4. 精准营销之精密构建你的渠道
5. 精准营销之精巧设计你的策略

Section 4: The need for changes in the current market situation

1. "换汤不换药"需要极高的专业素质
2. 全面了解此刻当下最有效的传播渠道
3. 深刻理解对于你的品牌一向有效的传播策略

Section 5: The specific implementation skills of precision marketing to deal with "small cost and low budget"

1. 小成本的线下活动技巧
2. 低预算的媒体关系维护技巧
3. 如何利用不花钱的传播资源

Date 日期:13th June 6月13日
Time 时间:
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9:00 am - 12:00 pm  Morning Session 课程
Language 语言:Chinese 中文

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Tuya Ulan 

In 2014, Wulan Tuya founded Linglong Gezhi International Public Relations Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Since 2018, she has served as an MBA professional tutor at Peking University National Development Institute. Wulan joined the Newell Public Relations in 2003, after that she served in the world's leading companies and agencies in public relation field such as Fleishman Hillard and the American Chamber of Commerce in China.

Over the 15 years, she contributed to public relations, marketing, brand building. She has served both Chinese and foreign clients all over the world, from Global Fortune 500 companies to domestic start-ups. She has served in leading companies in a variety of industries, including Caterpillar, Emerson, PepsiCo, Copenhagen Fur, Cochlear, NBA, Mercedes-Benz, Colgate, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto, Siebel Systems, Juniper Network, Nyenrode Business University, and University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

In China, through the establishment of public relations and brand awareness, using cutting-edge marketing and digital marketing techniques, she is committed to helping more local companies to open the market quickly through establishing brands.

Recent years, based on the local media environment and mass communication characteristics, Ulan Tuya has developed a series of public relations and marketing courses. These courses improve the PR and brand literacy and practical capabilities of enterprises which aim at building brands and expanding markets within Chinese audiences.

Ulan earned her bachelor’s degree in English from Beijing International Studies University. She graduated from the National Development Institute of Peking University with an MBA and received an MBA from the Leuven Business School in Belgium.




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