PPT Master: Skills for excellent PowerPoint Report PPT达人炼成记:轻松搞定幻灯片制作

Language: Chinese

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Course Benefits 课程收益

This course will help participants complete the PPT report production smoothly and quickly, improve the report effect and its attractiveness.

You will learn:
How to make a PPT report from draft
New and practical skills that make production simple and efficient
Creative ideas of presenting Chart
How to improve  interactivity, credibility and professionalism of the presentation


Course Outline 课程知识点分享

From draft to standard PPT, How to complete the report quickly

• Production of slides from draft
• Choice of PPT format
• Analysis of key points
• Use and storage of enterprise template
• Change role of PPT
• Tips for font modification
• Color matching

• 从草稿到标准幻灯片的制作流程
• 根据演示需求选择适合的幅面
• 高手心得:调整准则和关键点解析
• 给PPT着装,快速套用企业模板
• 高手心得:模板存储的建议
• 给PPT着装,快速切换幻灯片的角色
• PPT批量修改,快速统一幻灯片的字体
• 高手心得:一键完成字体的统一
• PPT批量修改,快速统一幻灯片的配色
• 高手心得:模板颜色可批量存储

Design the report layout like professionals

• Text composition: titles
• Tool and case study on layout design

• 文字排版,区分标题层次技巧
• 文字排版,标题顺序互换技巧
• 布局设计,三分线工具和案例分析
• 高手心得:三分线究竟怎么用
• 排版工具,多图文一页纸平面排版工具使用
• 高手心得:拥有个性杂志风的设计方法
• 排版工具,蒙版效果制作和遮罩效果制作
• 高手心得:立体化排版法和案例分析


All about graphic presentation

• From text to chart
• Design of creative and interesting chart
• Transfer from Excel sheet and graphic to PPT
• Key steps of information graphic

• 将文本轻松转换成图示型图表
• 高手心得:总结文本表述的多种逻辑
• 告别枯燥乏味的图表,让图表有吸引力
• 高手心得:两步完成创意图表的设计
• 将图表从EXCEL迁移到PPT的技巧
• 将表格从EXCEL迁移到PPT的技巧
• 将图表制作成更有吸引力的信息图
• 高手心得:信息图制作的关键步骤


Presentation Skills

• Enterprise story telling skills
• The power of table of contents in work report presentation
• Skills of video and audio editing
• Dealing emmergency with professional manner
• Use of note during presentation

• 用地图讲企业故事,最有范儿的交互技巧
• 让目录发挥作用,基于目录做工作汇报技巧
• 视频和音频的插入、剪辑、调整技巧
• 提供给客户自行浏览加录制旁白的幻灯片
• 用专业方法应付突发事件
• 演播幻灯片时能够有备注提示

Agenda 课程安排

Date: March 12th, 2021
Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Language: Chinese
Fees: 1200 RMB for Members | 1800 RMB for Non-Members
Venue: Onling training, the connection will be sent to you after registration

Registration 课程报名

Please scan the QR code or send e-mail to sc-hr@ccifc.org


Please scan the QR code or send e-mail to sc-hr@ccifc.org

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