PPT在现代化办公中的高效应用 Efficient application Tips of PowerPoint

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课程说明   Course description

本课程是结合企业实际需求和丰富的讲学经验设计而成。课程以 PPT 基础操作为主线,

囊括了从演示文稿高速创建、批量修改到模板应用、图片裁剪应用、SmartArt 应用、图表和表格应用及声音、视频、动画效果、幻灯片输出、幻灯片技巧等 PowerPoint 高级技术及技巧。学员和讲师同步案例操作,助力学员在短时间内成为 PowerPoint 制作高手,

随心所欲制作精彩的 PPT 演示报告。  

This course is designed based on the actual needs and rich learning experience. The main line of the course is the application of PowerPoint, which includes application of templates, image clipping, SmartArt, chart and table, sound, video, animation effect, and other PowerPoint advanced technologies and skills. Lecturers will also lead participants to do case exercise and help them enhance their skills in PowerPoint production in a short time.


适用对象   Course Audience



Suitable for employees who want to further improve the reporting quality through PPT image, content logic, typesetting design, deductive presentation, etc.





  1. 制作PPT前的准备工作
    1. 内容和逻辑的整理
    2. 一份完整PPT的要素
    3. 去哪里找图片和模板
    4. WORD一键转PPT前的排版设置
  2. 三招搞定所有PPT封面
    1. 图形型
    2. 图片型
    3. 综合型
  3. PPT的视觉魅力
    1. SmartArt的进阶
    2. 布尔运算在PPT中的应用
    3. 用PPT打造宣传海报
  4. 惊爆眼球的图片新玩法
    1. 90%的新手在图片上都会犯的错
    2. 图片太平淡?因为你不会裁剪!
    3. PNG图片的超级玩法
    4. 头脑风暴,风分钟打开你的脑洞
    5. 轻松打造PS级图文穿插
  5. 分分钟玩“坏“形状
    1. 换个角度来认识图标
    2. 为什么别人的图标那么高大上
    3. 那么高大上的图标去哪找
  6. 颠覆认识的信息之美
    1. 字体的气质
    2. 只用3步,创造出高大上字体
    3. 如果抓住重点,让PPT不Word
    4. 妙用文字信息的层级区分,玩转版面
    5.  表格处理与美化
  7. PPT中的动画让你的演示更加出彩
    1. 图形动画
    2. 路径动画在图表中的应用
    3. 文本图片动画
    4. PPT中多变的切换效果
  8. PPT中多媒体的应用及保护
    1. PPT中多个音频的播放与切换
    2.  视频与动画触发器的应用
    3. PPT的几种保护方式
  9.       PPT的演示管理
    1. 投影仪链接设置
    2. 巧用备注不忘词
    3. PPT多种输出方式

PPT Training Outline     

  1. Preparation before Making PPT
    1. Contents and logic sorting
    2. Elements for a complete PPT
    3. Where to find professional pictures and template
    4. Outline level setting before transferring Word to PPT
  2. 3 Tricks to Settle PPT Cover
    1. Cover with graphic
    2. Cover with pictures
    3. Cover with graphic and pictures
  3. Splendid Visual of PPT
    1. More than SmartArt
    2. Boolean calculating in PPT
    3. Making propaganda posters by PPT
  4. Surprising Design of Pictures
    1. The mistakes of picture designing made by 90% of novice
    2. Cropping making pictures unnormal
    3. New idea of PNG designing
    4. Brain storming for pictures
    5. Making PS effect by PPT
  5. Making Fun of Shapes
    1. To know icon in another way
    2. Why other’s icons are so professional
    3. Where to find professional icon?
  6. Beauty of information
    1. Temperament of font
    2. 3 steps to make professional font
    3. Grasping the main idea and making PPT not Word
    4. Making full use of outline level
    5.  How to beautify table
  7. Animation Making Your Presentation More Professional
    1. Animation for shapes
    2. Animation for charts
    3. Animation for text, pictures
    4. Transition for slides
  8. Media Application and Protection in PPT
    1. Multiple audio playing and changing
    2. Trigger for video and animation
    3. Ways of PPT protection
  9.       PPT Presentation Management
    1. Connection setting up for projector
    2. Notes reminder
    3. Saving types of PPT
  10. Q&A



Please send an e-mail to sc-hr(@)ccifc.org to register.



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