PPT制作与呈现技巧 Efficient Application Tips of PowerPoint

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本课程是结合企业实际需求和丰富的讲学经验设计而成。课程以 PPT 基础操作为主线, 从PPT制作原则出发,依次介绍演示文稿高速创建、批量修改到模板应用、数据图表制作与应用、动画效果、呈现技巧等。学员和讲师同步案例操作,助力学员在短时间内成为 PowerPoint 制作高手。

This course is designed based on the actual needs and rich learning experience. The course takes PPT operation as the main line, starting from ppt production principles, introduces high-speed creation of presentation, modification to template application, data chart production and application, animation effect, presentation skills, etc. Lecturers will also lead participants to do case exercise and help them enhance their skills in PowerPoint production in a short time.


Part -1 PPT制作黄金法则 The Golden Rules
Magic Seven原则(7士2=5~9)

KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid)原则



Part -2  整体气质设计:幻灯片版式母版和模板应用  Slide Layout Master and Template

  1. 商务幻灯片构建基础:背景创建,主题配色方案与配色技巧;

Business slide building foundation: Create slides/backgrounds/theme color schemes, color matching techniques;


Master optimization and application: Create slide master, Custom Slide layout , Design template ;

III. 强化结构逻辑: 要点安排与符号运用规则;

Build structural logic: Rules of Key point arrangement and symbol application


Part -3  数据呈现:图表设计与展示技巧   Data presentation: chart design and present skills

I.用数据打造说服力:插入并链接 Excel 电子数据表,动作按钮,插入数据图表,创建数据图表,改变图表颜色

Build data influence: Insert and link Excel spreadsheet, action button, insert data chart, edit data chart, change chart color

II.数据展示技巧: 动画图表,显示事物发展变化过程,使用触发器创造互动

Data present skills: Animate a chart, create animation to show a process or change, use triggers to create 


Part -4 案例学习: The Solutions to common using problems

信息量太大怎么办? 如何做到一目了然

How to deal with massive data? Less is more

如何视觉化PPT? 将概念数据翻译成图示

Visualize your slides-Translate your concept & data into diagram


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