PPT制作与呈现:助力年终工作汇报 | Tips for PPT making and presentation: learn to help your year-end work report

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Online Training

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After hard work for one year, have you prepared a clear and full contented report for your full year-end summary? This course will bring you all kinds of bonus points in PPT design and production, help you to clarify ideas, master skills, and present a perfect year-end report.


年终在即,辛苦耕耘一年成果满满的你,是否已经准备好了一份同样清晰、丰满的年终总结?本次课程将会为大家带来 PPT 设计制作中的各种加分利器,帮助大家理清思路、掌握技巧,呈现完美的年终汇报答卷。



Course benefits | 课程受益

  • Master the tools and methods of clear designing and logical reporting framework
  • Master the methods and presentation skills of effectively processing words, data, pictures, and videos, and improve the information presentation
  • Master PPT presentation skills to present a perfect work report


  • 熟练掌握设计思路清晰、逻辑明确的报告框架的工具和方法
  • 掌握有效处理文字、数据、图片、视频的方法和呈现技巧,提升信息呈现力
  • 掌握 PPT 演示技巧,呈现完美的工作汇报


Who should attend | 课程受众

This training is suitable for employees who want to further improve the reporting quality from the aspects of PPT image, content logic, expression form, typesetting design, deductive presentation, etc


适合希望从 PPT 形象、内容逻辑、表现形式、排版设计、演绎呈现等方面进一步提高汇报质量的企业员工。


Course Outline

Seven Magic

    1. Grasp the key point, make PPT not WORD
    2. 579 principle
    3. The correct use of the font
    4. The title should explain your problem
    5. Using chart but not table
    6. A summary slide that many people will ignore
    7.  One minute on stage and ten years off stage


Magic Seven原则

    1. 抓住重点,让PPT不Word
    2. 五七九原则
    3. 字体的气质
    4. 标题需说明问题
    5. 能图别表
    6. 很多人都会忽略的总结幻灯片
    7. 台上一分钟台下十年功


How to conceive the PPT of the year-end report

    1. Confirm the situation

    2. The logic of year-end summary

    3. Written expression

    4. Visual presentation




    1. 情景三明确
    2. 年终总结逻辑
    3. 文字表达
    4. 视觉呈现


The secrets that you don't know about PPT

    1. Quickly change the text to  PPT outline

    2. Make a more professional year-end report with a master page

    3. Text visualization




    1. 文字大纲秒变PPT
    2. 掌握母版做更专业的年终报告
    3. 文字可视化


Three general covers for year-end summary

    1. Picture template

    2. Tips for graphic type

    3. Integrated picture and graphics




    1. 万能图片型模板
    2. 需要点技巧的图形型
    3. 图片和图形综合型


PPT layout design

    1. Four design principles of typesetting
    2. How to find ppt templates and icons
    3. Small icon, big effect
    4. Using color correctly



    1. 排版四大设计原则
    2. 去哪儿找PPT模板和图标
    3. 小小图标大作用
    4. 做个“好色“之徒


PPT image processing

    1. How to find free commercial HD pictures
    2. One-click to make typesetting of pictures
    3. Full mask and gradient mask
    4. Boolean operation: Graph, picture, and text
    5. One button cutout for certificate photo



    1. 去哪儿找免费可商用高清图片
    2. 图片一键排版
    3. 全蒙版和渐变蒙版
    4. 布尔运算之图形、图片和文字
    5. 一键抠图之证件照制作等


Data visualization

    1. Bad data? Chart selection is important!
    2. Data can be more beautiful!
    3. 4 steps to make beautiful form
    4. Creative line chart, column chart, and scale chart



    1. 数据不好?图表选择很重要!
    2. 数据大增,还可以更漂亮!
    3. 轻松4步搞定表格美化
    4. 创意折线图、柱形图和比例图



    1. Four kinds of object animation
    2. Crossing animation
    3. Graphic animation that pretends to remember everything
    4. Ole operations
    5. Website navigation animation



    1. 4种对象动画
    2. 穿越式切换动画
    3. 假装都记住了的图表动画
    4. OLE操作动作不再灰了
    5. 网站式导航动画制作


The law of attraction for music and video

    1. Bookmark location
    2. Music and video tailoring
    3. Music setting skills
    4. Video setting skills



    1. 书签定位
    2. 音乐和视频剪裁
    3. 只播放几页的音乐设置
    4. 视频设置技巧


Efficient demonstration management

    1. The skills of showing
    2. Slide quick switch
    3. The secret of confident speech
    4. Multiple output modes



    1. 不可不知的放映技巧
    2. 幻灯片快速切换
    3. 自信演讲的秘密
    4. 多种输出方式


晏艳 Grace Yan

Having many working experiences in G500 companies, being able to meet corporate’s training requirements, can help students’ office skills quickly, the training is designed in good logic, having a humor teaching style in class and being well acclaimed by trainees.


多年 500 强外企工作经验,能准确挖掘企业培训需求,快速帮助学员提高 Office 技能;课程结构条例清晰,课程案例吻合工作需要;授课风格生动有趣,善于调动学员积极性,深受学员喜欢和好评。


Please send an e-mail to sh-training(@)ccifc.org to register.


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