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课程受益 Course Benefits

  • 深入剖析实用职场演讲思维,从内容构建到现场呈现,全面提升演讲能力 | Understand speech building thought, master practical skills in content construction and on-site presentation, to improve speech ability comprehensively
  • 掌握即兴思维与临场沟通技巧,提升应变能力 | Master impromptu thinking and communication skills to improve the on-the-spot abilit
  • 导师点评1次,课程演讲作业or自选素材均可,针对性辅导助力提升 |  Tutor (lecture assignments or your own case), to help further improvement with targeted counseling


课程纲要 Training Outline


直播课I (3小时): 打造优秀演讲

Live Sessions I (3 hours) : Build a powerful speech 

  • 战略思考:如何 有针对性地准备 | Strategic thinking: Prepare specifically
  • 战术布局:如何快速搭建商务演讲框架 | Practical skills: Build the framework
  • 武器选择:如何让商务演讲更具感染力,如何抓住商务演讲的关键时刻MOT | Tools: Grasp the MOT moment
  • 即兴思维:如何有效应对突发事件,挑战性提问 | Impromptu thinking: Respond to the challenging questions



Exercise: Reference topic or Personal choice. Submit the recorded video to get the instructor's comments and promotion suggestions


直播课II(3小时): 实战点评反馈& 临场沟通技巧

Live Sessions II (3 hours) : Feedback & on-the-spot communication skills

  • 共性挑战:点评及回答 | QA, comments and answers to common challenges 
  • 沟通技巧:如何在沟通中做好情绪控制及冲突管理 | Communication skills: Emotion control and conflict management in communication



Trainer 讲师







Allen LIU 刘思玥


Professional Chinese and English speech trainer / speech coach, senior lecturer of business English. Allen trains in humorous atmosphere, with rich case study, vivid interpretation. He emphasizes interaction with students, praise highly experiential training, coaching guidance, personalized feedback, and learner-centeredness.

  • TEDx Chengdu2018 Open Mic 总决选演讲总教练 |TEDx Chengdu2018 Open Mic Grand Final Speech Coach
  • TEDx XHU 大会演讲教练 | TEDx XHU Conference Speech Coach
  • Lean In 社群演讲导师 | Lean In Community Speaker Coach
  • Startup Weekend 路演演讲教练 | Startup Weekend Roadshow Speaker Coach


Registration 课程报名

Please scan the below QR code or send email to sc-hr(@)ccifc.org

The connecting processes will be sent by email after registration | 报名成功后会发送网课登录信息到邮箱。

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