[Online Training] Structural Thinking - Logic and Effective Expression 结构思维-逻辑与有效表达

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This training is conducted in Chinese. 本次课程用中文授课。


1. Express the ideas in a clearly structured and focused manner and achieve the goals | 能结构清晰、重点突出的阐述自己的想法,并达成目的

2. Consciously think about the first three elements (G·A·S) before expression | 在沟通和表达前,有意识思考前置三要素(G·A·S)

3. Use the principles and methods of information classification flexibly to organize the information at hand to form a pyramid structure | 灵活运用信息分类的原则和方法,整理手上的资料,形成金字塔结构

4. Apply common structures in specific situations and express clearly | 能在特定场合下套用常用结构,清晰表达


课程纲要 Training Outline

1. Course introduction:Develop two habits of thinking | 课程导入:培养两个思考习惯

  • Pay attention to observation and reasoning | 注意观察和推理
  • Distinguishing Facts and Opinions | 区分事实和观点


2. Three elements of logical thinking: G·A·S model | 逻辑思考前置3要素:G·A·S模型

  • Video Analysis: Importing the Three Elements of G·A·S | 视频分析:导入G·A·S三要素
  • Case Sharing: The Influence of Three Elements of GAS on Practical Communication | 案例分享:GAS三要素对实际沟通的影响
  • Orientation exercise: Pick a topic and write down your goal considering the first 3 elements | 定向练习:任选一个主题,考虑前置3要素写下你的目标


3. 3 core thinking structures | 梳理逻辑的3个核心思考结构

  • Vertical: Total-Score-Total (PRES Framework) | 纵向总-分-总(PRES框架)
  • Horizontal Information Classification | 横向信息分类
  • Story Interpretation (SCQAOR Framework) | 故事演绎(SCQAOR框架)


4. Typical scene application | 典型场景应用

  • Upward Communication Solutions: The FOSS Framework | 向上沟通方案:有理有据的FOSS框架
  • Reporting Bad Results: PSSP Framework | 向上汇报不好的结果:勇于担责的PSSP框架
  • Co-worker rapport: FFC framework | 融洽同事关系:精确赞美的FFC框架
  • Assign or describe tasks: a clearly articulated 5W2H framework | 布置或描述任务:清晰表述的5W2H框架
  • Interdepartmental communication | 跨部门沟通




Wednesday 24 August 2022
09:00 - 16:00 Session

Trainer 讲师








YI Wei 易炜

National certified enterprise trainer | 国家认证企业培训师
CPP certified MBTI trainer | CPP 认证 MBTI 施测师
Project management qualification (PMP) | 项目管理资格认证(PMP)
CSA certified facilitator | CSA 认证引导师
IPP International Performance improver | IPP 国际绩效改进师
POA certified trainer | POA 行动力认证讲师

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