[Online Training] Persuasive Logical Work Report | 有说服力的逻辑工作汇报

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This training is conducted in Chinese. 本次课程用中文授课。


课程概述Course Overview


Formally report to leaders or cross-departmental teams in stressful meetings , the biggest challenge is how to:

  • 切中要害,获取支持 | Get to the point, get support
  • 逻辑性强,富有条理 | Logical and organized
  • 简明扼要、突出重点 | Concise, to the point


解决问题Solve the problem

  • 如何使听众同意我的观点并提供支持 | How to get my audience to agree with me and provide support
  • 如何有逻辑、有条理地把内容说清楚 | How to speak clearly and logically
  • 如何在有限时间简明扼要地呈现内容 | How to succinctly present content with limited time


课程亮点  Course Highlights

  • 侧重思维:重逻辑、结构、内容等汇报技巧,轻手势、眼神、美图等公众演讲技巧 
  • Focus on thinking: focus on reporting skills such as logic, structure, and content, but ignore public speaking skills such as gestures, eyes, and beautiful pictures
  • 带入场景:项目进展、营销计划、问题处理、解决方案等汇报场景
  • Bringing in scenarios: reporting scenarios such as project progress, marketing plans, problem handling, solutions, etc.
  • 源于实战:世界500强高层汇报实战经验萃取结合麦肯锡逻辑思维
  • From actual combat: the world's top 500 executives report practical experience extraction combined with McKinsey's logical thinking


课程大纲  Course Outline

模块一:以听众为中心的总体汇报策略 | Audience-focused overall reporting strategy

  • 建立以终为始的设计思路——明确汇报意图 | Establish a design idea that starts with the end - clear reporting intent 
  • 明确汇报到底要表达什么——提炼中心思想 | Make it clear what the report is going to express - refining the central idea
  • 围绕听众痛点提升说服力——构思中心思想 | Improve persuasion around the audience's pain points - conceive the central idea
  • 利用模型设计汇报的逻辑——掌握OPMS框架 | Using the logic of model design reporting - mastering the OPMS framework
  • 案例学习:Tony向CEO的汇报,哪一个是更好的中心思想 | Case study: Tony 's presentation to the C EO , which is the better central idea
  • 案例学习:针对项目进展汇报设计一个有说服力的中心思想 | Case Study: Designing a Persuasive Central Idea for Project Progress Reports

模块二:逻辑严谨的系统化叙事框架| A logical and rigorous systematic narrative framework

  • 回顾过去和展望未来——回顾展望型框架(BOSE) | Looking back and looking to the future - a retrospective framework (BOSE)
  • 说明问题的处理方案——恢复原状型框架(Break Fix) | Explain the solution to the problem - Restoration framework (Break Fix)
  • 案例学习:回顾展望型叙事排序 | Case Study: Retrospective Narrative Sequencing
  • 案例学习:恢复原状型叙事排序 | Case Study: Restorative Narrative Ordering

模块三:简明扼要的PPT结构和内容 | Concise PPT structure and content

  • 逻辑高效型呈现结构——SDS结构、执行摘要、最后总结 | Logical and efficient presentation structure - SDS structure, executive summary, final summary
  • 页面呈现逻辑的设计——TPS、提炼、引导 | Design of page rendering logic - TPS, refinement, guidance
  • 案例学习:PPT呈现页面逻辑优化 | Case Study: P PT Rendering Page Logic Optimization

模块四:把控听众注意力的汇报演讲| Report speech that controls the audience's attention

  • 逻辑高效型汇报的流程(Flow) | Logical and efficient reporting process (Flow )
  • 体现专业形象的基本规范——眼神、手势、语言、回答、道具 | Basic norms that reflect professional image - eyes, gestures, language, answers, props



讲师 Trainer









俞洋  Yu Yang

  • 20+年经营管理经验 | More then 20 years experience of operation and management
  • 戴尔、富士通世界500强总经理执行助理、营销总监 | Executive assistant to general manager and marketing director of Top 500 companies
  • 国际培训学会(ITS)理事委员 | Member of the International Institute for training (ITS)
  • 英国国际专业管理公会(IPMA)认证讲师 | IPMA certified lecturer
  • 英国在华国际培训师协会(BITAC)认证讲师 | BITAC certified lecturer
  • Everything DISC 认证讲师 | Everything DISC certified lecturer


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