[Online Training] Leadership Training for Newly-Appointed Managers — The Five Core Tasks in Management 新任经理管理核心五任务

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This training is conducted in Chinese. 本次课程用中文授课。

课程介绍 Introduction

企业的中层管理者很多都是从员工提拔起来的,他们会做事却不一定会带人,也很少经过系统的培训,他们的经验大都是来自于复制前一任或是靠自己漫长地摸索。 因此,如何系统地培养企业中层管理者,成了当今企业的一个重要课题。本次培训将指导各位,如何从单打独斗走向团队协作,从管理者走向领导者。

Most middle-level managers in enterprises are promoted from employees. They can accomplish their daily tasks, but not necessarily lead people, and rarely get systematic training. Their experience is mostly from previous managers or grope themselves. Therefore, how to systematically train middle-level managers has become an important subject. This training will guide you on how to move from working alone to working as a team, and from being a manager to being a leader.


课程纲要 Training Outline

1. The role of managers | 管理者的角色定位

  • Basic Concepts of High-Performance Teams | 高效团队的基本概念
  • Clarify the role of managers | 明确管理者的角色
  • Difference between management and leadership | 管理与领导的区别
  • Classic Theory: Gallup Path | 【经典理论】:盖洛普路径
  • 12 questions for managers | 管理者做好管理的12个问题
  • Team review | 团队现状自评复盘

2. Task 1: Selecting People | 任务1:选择人

  • How should managers choose people? | 管理者该如何选人、用人
  • In-depth understanding the Advantage Theory | 深度认识【优势理论】
  • Is the barrel principle still applicable today? | 木桶原理在当今是否还适用?
  • Experience does not fully represent competence | 经验不完全代表能力
  • Employee performance = skills + knowledge + talent | 员工绩效= 技能+知识+天赋才干
  • Put the right people at the right place | 把合适的人放在合适的位置上

3. Task 2: Request | 任务2:要求人

  • Four stages of employee development under specific tasks | 特定任务下员工发展的四个阶段
  • Two core elements: ability and willingness | 员工做好工作的要素:能力和意愿
  • Pizza Model | 工作内容诊断-披萨模型
  • Guiding Behavior vs Supporting Behavior | 指导行为VS支持行为
  • Four empowerment tools for the four stages | 针对四阶段的四种授权手段

4. Task 3: Motivating people | 任务3:激励人

  • Managerial Motivation Ability Survey | 管理者激励能力调查
  • Maslow's theory of needs | 马斯洛需求理论
  • Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory | 赫兹伯格双因素理论
  • Four Steps to Recognizing Employees | 演练:认可员工的四步骤
  • Organizational atmosphere | 营造“游戏化”的组织氛围

5. Task 4: Train people | 任务4:培养人

  • Definition and origin of coaching | 教练的定义及起源
  • Success Coaching vs Improvement Coaching | 成功型辅导VS改进型辅导
  • Real counseling situation | 我真实的辅导情境
  • Best Partner Simulation Exercise - GROW Coaching Model | 最佳拍档模拟演练-GROW辅导模型
  • Instructor comments and summaries | 引导师点评与总结

6. Task 5: Evaluator | 任务5:评估人

  • Understand the performance evaluation system | 认识绩效评估体系
  • Sharing: The performance evaluation systems of the bench-marking companies | 标杆企业的绩效体系分享
  • Seeing the essence through the results | 透过结果看本质-反馈的魅力
  • Facilitation activity: Improve overall team performance | 引导活动:提升团队整体绩效
  • Cases study | 企业实际案例解析

7. Q&A and Action plan | 答疑与行动计划



Tuesday 9 August 2022
09:00 - 16:00 First Session
Wednesday 10 August 2022
09:00 - 16:00 Second Session

Trainer 讲师








Hei Hongjie 黑宏杰

Mr. Hei Hongjie has been engaged in training and development for more than 18 years and has accumulated rich experience in machinery manufacturing, automotive electronics, finance and electric vehicle industries. His work fields include building enterprise university system, landing and integrating enterprise culture, organizational development and employee development, especially good at leadership development. In his research on leadership, he combined psychology and advanced leadership concepts to establish an effective leadership development platform for the enterprises he has served.

黑宏杰先生从事培训与发展领域超过十八年,在机械制造、汽车 电子、金融和电动车行业积累了丰富的经验。他的工作领域涉及搭建 企业大学体系、落地及融合企业文化、组织发展及员工发展等,尤其 擅长领导力发展。在对领导力的研究中,他结合心理学和先进的领导力理念,为其服务过的企业建立了有效的领导力发展平台。


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