[Online Training] Efficient Application Tips to PPT master|如何成为PPT高手

Online Training 线上课程, The online training link will be sent to you after registration 报名成功后会将会发送网课登录信息到邮箱
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This training is conducted in Chinese. 本次课程用中文授课。

Course benefits 课程受益


Let trainees easily create PPT professional presentations, quickly produce working presentations that meet the requirements of the company, make presentations more exciting through pictures, shapes, color collocations, etc., master the most practical cover and catalog design, and improve the level of presentation production.


Who Should Attend 课程受众


    Suitable for corporate employees who wish to further improve the quality of PPT production in terms of PPT image, content logic, presentation, typography and interpretation.


    Course Outline 课程大纲

    Magic Seven原则 | Magic Seven Principles

    • 抓住重点,让PPT不Word | Grasp the key point, make PPT not WORD
    • 五七九原则 | 579 principle
    • 字体的气质 | The correct use of the font
    • 标题需说明问题 | The title should explain your problem
    • 能图别表 | Using chart but not table
    • 很多人都会忽略的总结幻灯片 | A summary slide that many people will ignore
    • 台上一分钟台下十年功 | One minute on stage and ten years off stage

    如何构思PPT | How to conceive a PPT

    • 一个视觉公式 | A visual formula
    • 三个设计思维 | Three logical frameworks
    • 四个排版原则 | Four typesetting principles
    • 四步搞定美化 | Four steps to beautify

    PPT“基”密 | PPT "fundamental" secret

    • Word秒变PPT | Quickly change the text to PPT outline
    • 正确套用公司模板的姿势 | The correct posture to apply the company template 
    • 模板设置和应用 | Template setup and application

    图片处理 | Image Processing

    • 去哪儿找免费高清可商用图片 | How to find free commercial HD pictures
    • 图片一键排版 | One-click to make typesetting of pictures
    • 全蒙版和渐变蒙版 | Full mask and gradient mask
    • 图片、文字、形状和视频之间的布尔运算 | Boolean operation: Graph, picture, and text

    密数据可视化 | Data Visualization

    • 数据不好?图表选择很重要!| Bad data? Chart selection is important!
    • 数据上升如何锦上添花 | How the rise in data is the icing on the cake
    • 数据不好怎么办 | What to do with bad data
    • 创意折线图、柱形图和比例图 | Creative line, bar and scale charts

    懂这些动画就够了 | Knowing these animations is enough

    • 动画类型 | Animation Type
    • 什么时候加动画 | When to add animation
    • 6种必知的对象动画 | 6 must-know object animations
    • 优雅打开Word/PPT/Excel/PDF的姿势 | Elegantly open Word/PPT/Excel/PDF posture
    • PPT中的滚动数字 | Scrolling numbers in PPT

    音乐和视频吸引力法则 | Music and Video Law of Attraction

    • 书签定位 | Bookmarks Positioning
    • 音乐和视频播放剪裁 | Music and video playback clipping
    • 只播放几页的音乐设置 | Music settings that play only a few pages
    • 只播放指定页的音乐设置 | Play only the music of the specified page setting

    PPT的演示管理 | PPT presentation management

    • 结尾措辞要注意 | Be careful with the ending wording
    • PPT结尾三种类型 | Three types of PPT endings
    • 字体保存 | Font saving
    • PPT演示检查清单 | PPT presentation checklist
    • 备注和节 | Notes and sections
    • 幻灯片必备快捷键 | Essential slideshow shortcuts



    Trainer 讲师








    Grace 晏艳 

    Microsoft Certified Trainer, is also the trainer of Microsoft’s golden partner. She is certified as Microsoft Certified Office Master, Microsoft Certified Excel / PPT/ Word(Full mark in Word part) and Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate. As a bilingual trainer, she was the internal trainer of G10 multinational enterprise. Until now, more than 10,000 trainees are benefited from Grace’s training. Grace, with more than 10 years’ experience of Microsoft Office Word/Excel/PPT and Power BI, can meet corporate’s training requirements, and helps students’ office skills quickly.

    曾任全球前 10 强外企内部培训讲师,知名世界 500 强外企从 业经历(戴尔、雪佛龙和保乐力加),多家 500强企业微软 Office 和微软 Power BI 培训授课经验,长期为客户和学员解 决 Office 和 Power BI 问题,线下受众学员 100,000 人以上。 10 余年 Office 软件深度用户,多年 500 强外企工作经验,能 准确挖掘企业培训需求,快速帮助学员提高 Office技能;课 程结构条例清晰,课程案例吻合工作需要;授课风格生动有 趣,善于调动学员积极性,深受学员喜欢和好评。长期为多 家客户设计制作工作、发布会等 PPT。


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