[Online Training] Building an effective thinking mindset --Efficient Mindmapping 打造高效思考引擎 ——思维导图让思考升值


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This training is conducted in Chinese. 本次课程用中文授课。

课程简介 Course Description


  • 新的知识,一时间无法抓住要点,面临知识体系更新不够快速的尴尬;
  • 新的任务,无法像指挥家一样,统筹规划全局,宁肯用琐碎事务来避开深度思考;
  • 新的想法,未能引起受众的兴趣,可能与更多的资源失之交臂。

这些与底层思考力有关的挑战,都包含对资讯从“解构”到“重构”,再到“聚焦”的过程。 在这个进程中,如何有意识地培养和打造适用于职场的高效思考引擎?我们可以专业地运用导图思考法,为思考进程提供连续不断的动力,以开放的心态迎接各种新挑战。

Highly effective people are often expected to be able to "think and look at problems thoughtfully, but also to make decisive decisions and put them into practice".
In a diverse and fast-changing business environment, if our thinking skills remain stagnant, we often get half the results and fail to reap the desired rewards, for example.

  • New knowledge, unable to grasp the main points at a time and facing the embarrassment of not updating the knowledge system fast enough.
  • New tasks, the inability to plan the whole picture like a conductor, preferring to avoid deep thinking with trivial matters.
  • New ideas that fail to capture the interest of the audience may be lost with more resources.

These underlying thinking challenges involve a process of "deconstructing", "reconstructing" and "focusing" information. In this process, how can we consciously develop and build an effective thinking engine for the workplace? We can use the Guided Thinking method professionally to provide a continuous impetus to the thinking process and to meet new challenges with an open mind.



学习者收益 Learner Benefits


  • 体验引入导图后的笔记摘要特点,积极参与练习,拓宽对自身学习潜能的理解;
  • 掌握解构信息的三步法,记住重构的两种逻辑关系和四种标准,提高识别和构建复杂信息结构的效率; 
  • 以导图为展示形式,呈现个体的学习所得,获得导师的反馈; 
  • 制定行动计划,在至少两种工作场景中,能够判断和启用思维导图,提高学习和思考的效率。

Throughout the training, learners will

  • Experience the features of the summary of notes after the introduction of the guide and participate actively in exercises to broaden your understanding of your learning potential;
  • Master the three-step approach to deconstructing information, remember the two logical relationships and the four criteria for reconstruction, and improve the efficiency of identifying and structuring complex information; 
  • A guide is used to present individual learning and to obtain feedback from the tutor; 
  • Develop action plans and be able to judge and enable mind mapping in at least two work scenarios to improve learning and thinking.

课程内容 Course outline

一、 启动大脑

  • 读懂大脑说明书:  接收信息的黄金七律
  • 理念:思维导图+思维模型,动态优化思考引擎创造价值
  • 策略:思维导图高效引擎让思考增值—— ①解构 ②重构 ③聚焦

二、 思维导图高效思考引擎之解构,提升快速萃取力

  • 关键词笔记术:一线一词,导图简化接收信息三步法
  • 演练:快速摘要

三、 思维导图高效思考引擎之重构,全方位拓展思考

  • 思维成果品鉴:精度、广度、深度/高度
  • 自下而上头脑风暴,寻找思考主题更多的可能性
  • 从上往下深谋远虑:擅用思维框架清晰构建思路
  • 演练:任务规划和复盘


  • 尖峰思维模式,解锁长话长说,短话短说
  • 演练:区辨句式中蕴含的两种思维模式
  • 案例解析:高效汇报


I.  Activating the brain

  • Reading the Brain Manual: The Golden 7 Laws of Receiving Information
  • Concept: Mind Mapping + Thinking Models, Dynamic Optimisation Thinking Engine to Create Value
  • Strategies: Thinking engine to add value to thinking - ① Deconstruct ② Reconstruct ③ Focus

II.  Deconstruction of the efficient thinking engine of mind mapping to enhance rapid extraction

  • Keyword note-taking technique: the word one-line, the guide simplifies the three-step process of receiving information
  • Walkthrough: Quick summary

III.  Reconfiguration of the efficient thinking engine of mind mapping, expanding thinking in all directions

  • Thinking outcome tasting: precision, breadth, depth/height
  • Bottom-up brainstorming to find more possibilities for thinking about the topic
  • Thinking from the top down: using the framework of thinking to build ideas clearly
  • Walkthrough: Task planning and review

IV.  The focus of the efficient thinking engine of mind mapping, so that ideas are very influential

  • Spiked mindset to unlock long and short words
  • Exercise: Identify the two modes of thinking embedded in sentences
  • Case Study: Effective Reporting

V.   Thinking to add wings



讲师 Trainer









刘丽琼Liu Liqiong


Master Master Certified Instructor by Bozan, the founder of Thinking Maps
World Mind Mapping Championships China Event Ethics and Discipline Compliance Officer (appointed by the World Mind Mapping Council on 31 December 2021)
Featured tutor for Bozan Mind Mapping Online Course for Authorized Instructors in China
Certified Structural Thinking Instructor
Certified International Trainer, IPMA Management Association, UK
Project Management Specialist, American Project Management Association


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