[Online Training] Build Value-added Thinking with MindMapping 增值思考:职场节能式思维导图


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This training is conducted in Chinese. 本次课程用中文授课。

课程背景 Background


This training will guide the learners to make good use of the divergent, structured, and visualized characteristics of MindMapping, to sort out ideas quickly, accurately, and creatively, perform well in situations such as communication, project planning, and work report.


课程收益 Benefits

1. 体验多样的思维练习,积极参与导图的创造,拓宽对思维训练的理解Experience various thinking exercises, actively participate in the creation of mapping, and broaden the understanding of thinking;

2. 记住导图要素和原理,掌握导图思考三部曲,学会透过导图品鉴思考的量与质 | Remember the elements and principles of the map, master the trilogy of map thinking, and learn to appreciate the quantity and quality of thinking through the map;

3. 现场展示所学的技巧,获得同伴和导师的反馈,快速提升思考的效率和品质 | Get the feedback and quickly improve the efficiency and quality of thinking;

4. 个人独立或与他人协作产出快速纪要导图、任务规划导图和汇报思路导图 | Output a quick summary map, task planning map, and reporting idea map 



课程纲要 Training Outline

1. 好的工具让经典的理论焕发光彩 | Classic theories
- 原理: 我们接收外界信息的魔力曲线MIG | Principle: Magic MIG curve to receive external information
- 理念:导图+思维模型和策略,动态思考创造价值 | Concept: mapping + thinking model, dynamic thinking and value creation
- 思维导图三层思考法:快思、漫思、亮思 | Three layer thinking method of mind mapping: quick thinking, diffuse thinking and bright thinking

2. 快思:海量资讯,快速抽取重点 | Quick extraction of key points
- 场景:快速摘要信息(文本材料转化成导图)| Scenario: quick summary information (Convert text material into map)
- 自下而上聚沙成塔:一线一词,导图接收信息三步法 |From the bottom to the top: one line, one word, three steps for map receiving information
- 成果品鉴:思维评估维度之精度、广度、深度、高度 | Achievement evaluation: precision, breadth, depth and height of thinking evaluation dimension

3. 漫思&亮思:擅用经典思维框架,突显焦点 | Diffuse thinking & highlights: Using the classical thinking framework to highlight the focus
- 以上统下深谋远虑:擅用不同的思维框架清晰传递信息 | Foresight under the above system: be good at using different thinking frameworks to clearly convey information
- 经典逻辑框架应用演练(5W2H规划团队协作任务、金字塔结构汇报工作等)| Classic logic framework application (5w2h planning team collaboration tasks, pyramid structure reporting, etc.)
- 小组点评及讲师反馈 | Group comments and feedback

4. 总结:视觉化呈现表达 | Summary: visual presentation
- 双脑思考模式让成果更唤起共鸣 | Dual brain thinking mode makes the results more resonant



讲师 Trainer








刘丽琼 Liqiong LIU

十五年世界五百强企业经历,曾任职销售运营、流程顾问、项目管理等岗位; 致力于将导图精准切入真实商务情境,化繁为简地解决问题。 
Over fifteen years of experience in Fortune 500 companies, Liqiong has worked in sales operations, process consultant, project management and other positions. She is dedicated to cutting the guide into real business situations to solve problems in a simple way.


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