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Why do we need communication? The reason is simple: we need to work together for results. “I do not know why he does not come to this meeting. But I do, according to our rules and processes, have sent him emails and copies others in.” Is this effective communication with “him”? Of course NOT: communication is not to generate records, it is for results.

Although modern technologies put us closer and make our communication more convenient, misunderstandings still cannot be eliminated. We ware our own “lenses” when communicating with other and those “lenses” are made so much complicated by our cultural background, growing experience, education, family etc. Those “lenses” control our ways of expressing ourselves,
listening to others and interpreting information. And all of these make interpersonal communication highly complicated and challenging.

In most situations we can communicate with others effectively. Yet we still from time to time trapped in difficult situations. What puts us in such challenging situations? How shall we cope with those situations and still be effective? What skills can help us break difficult “patterns” and become proactive in communication? If you are interested in exploring options and answers to these questions, this program is your right choice.


- Understand value of communication and how to measure effectiveness of it
- Get full self awareness on communication habit/pattern and extend styles of communicating with others;
- Master key skills of breaking communication “patterns” for more effective results
- Master key skills of dealing with challenges in various difficult situations
- Explore solution for real cases





- 理解沟通的价值及衡量有效沟通的标准
- 深入认知自己的沟通习惯,拓展自己与他人沟通的风格
- 理解沟通中行为互动的模式和原理,掌握有意识打破沟通僵局的技能;
- 掌握沟通的困难情境的核心技能
- 演练真实的个人案例


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