[Offline & Online] Sourcing Working Group : Post 134th Canton Fair Gathering & Experience Sharing

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CCI FRANCE CHINE is delighted to invite you to its next Sourcing Working Group on "Post 134th Canton Fair Gathering & Experience Sharing" in the premises of IN2LOG, Shenzhen.

Indeed after a few difficult years for sourcing in China and a strong comeback of various trade fairs in 2023, CCI FRANCE CHINE and its new Sourcing Working Group Coordinator Adrien Masquelin will lead a roundtable and feedbacks from the 134th Canton fair and other fairs as well as taking this chance to gather and reconnect with the CCI FRANCE CHINE Sourcing community.



  1. Group sourcing new coordinator introduction
  2. Group sourcing members introduction
  3. Roundtable and feedbacks from the 134th Canton fair and other fairs
  4. Upcoming Sourcing group meetings and topic


Sourcing Working Group Coordinator

Mr. Adrien Masquelin

Director at Shenzhen Export Trending Solution

Sourcing Working Group Coordinator at CCI FRANCE CHINE South China branch

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Event Location

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