Lean Admin – How to Break Down the Walls and Make the Value Flow 非生产领域的精益管理基础

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Lean management has been widely applied in the field of production. Have you thought of handling situation of waste in the office area with lean management theories? This online course will discuss how lean management work in indirect area, how to identify waste, how to analyze and how to improve it. Through this online training, participants could

  • Understand the reason to implement lean in indirect area
  • Acknowledge benefits of lean implement in indirect area
  • Learn how to implement lean management in direct area
  • Study cases of lean management in indirect area 


  • 企业为什么要在非生产领域实施精益管理
  • 在非生产领域实施精益的收益
  • 企业如何实施非生产领域的精益
  • 其他企业实施非生产领域精益的成功案例


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