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Distance work has been forced upon all of us with the arrival of the pandemic. Managing meetings with staff working from home – although greatly facilitated by the range of technology tools at our disposal – has proved difficult for many managers. What has changed? During online meetings, team members tend to remain silent, to be less committed, and to multitask. How can you as leaders fully engage team members, elicit their creativity, and raise their motivation level?

Impactful online meetings need not only to be designed totally differently from face-to-face meetings, but also to be facilitated in a different way. You will learn in this workshop how to develop a virtual mindset and will also acquire the necessary skills to make virtual collaboration effective.

Any manager who wants to revitalize their team and come across as a successful and competent leader.

Develop a virtual mindset and acquire the necessary skills to design and lead effective online meetings.


Training Outline

  • Three unique dilemmas of online meetings: technology realization/ participants' engagement/communication effectiveness
  • Online meeting dilemma response strategy - technology realization degree
    •   Factors influencing the output and participation level of online meetings
    •   Strategies for selecting the functions of the virtual conference platform
  • Online meeting challenge response strategy - participant engagement
    •   Two factors that affect engagement in online meetings
    •   Three tools to create a high input field
      1. Theme connection tool
      2. Participant connection tool
      3. Team connection tool
    •   Handling of common field interference conditions
      1. Prevention / intervention measures: How to face time pressure, digression, "troublesome person", etc
  • Online meeting dilemma coping strategies -- communication effectiveness
    •   How to promote the orderly discussion
      1. Mutual instruction skills in the conference discussion
      2. How to set up meeting progress verification points
    •   An efficient discussion framework for online meetings to facilitate decision-making and consensus
      1. Design points of online conference discussion
      2. Promote the implementation of efficient research tools and virtual platforms
  • Commitment and action plan


Practice the four fundamental skills in subgroups
Personal action plan and evaluation



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