IP Working Group: How to Protect Your Trade Secrets in China?


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Trade secrets are the trump card for many companies’ success and even existence in the market. It may concern any confidential but useful information, such as innovative ideas, commercial projects, formula, process of manufacturing products, data, source code, list of clients, price of sale etc. However, their protection has always been difficult: balancing the need to know with sufficient access control on trade secrets; finding a good middle ground between privacy and the security of trade secrets.




Our speakers will cover the following topics during this event:


  • How the new Chinese Anti-Unfair Competition Law of 2019 as well as the new rules of the Chinese Supreme People’s Court of 2020 will improve the protection of trade secrets;
  • What strategy and measures for companies to protect better their trade secrets in China.
  • The dos and dont's of setting up internal controls to protect your trade secrets



Shujie Feng

Law professor Senior counselor

LLR China Intellectual Property firm


Shujie has got his Ph.D in University Paris I - Pantheon Sorbonne, school of law. He has worked in advising LLR China’s French and European clients on the protection of trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and on technology transfer and intellectual property (IP) related dispute settlement in China since 2007. He is also Vice President of Beijing IP Judicial Protection Association, expert council member of Chinese Trademark Association, expert of Beijing FWD Forensic Expertise Center, expert of China Domain Name Dispute Settlement Center.


Galaad Delval

Data Protection Officer, CIPM, CIPP/E/A, FIP Manager



Galaad is a specialist in data protection and cybersecurity for the European Union and mainland China. Since 2015 he supports companies in mainland China deploying data protection programs as well as implementing internal controls focusing on balancing cybersecurity needs and data protection requirements. He is a regular writer and speaker on data protection, cybersecurity and privacy, as well as an active member of the privacy community. Since 2018 he is also a member of the IAPP Asia Advisory Board.



Séverin MÉLÈS

Managing Director

Vidon (Shanghai) IP Law Group


Séverin Mélès is an IP counsel at Vidon IP Law Group, a French-headquartered IP boutique with several offices across Europe and Asia. Séverin is involved in all kinds of IP-related cases (invention patents, design patents, trademarks, copyright).



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