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为适应变化不断加速的未来,企业要能够快速决策和反应,要有高度的灵活性,并能够有序地应对变化,快速实现资源 的优化配置。《领导高绩效团队》就是要顺应未来的变化,依据员工的不同发展阶段因势利导,从领导艺术的角度来实 现人力资源的最优配置和最大效用。

In order to adapt to the accelerated change in the future, enterprises have a high degree of flexibility and be able to make rapid decisions and responses, be able to respond to changes and quickly realize the optimal allocation of resources. "Leading high performance team" is to adapt to the future changes, according to the different stages of development of employees, to achieve the optimal allocation and maximum effectiveness of human resources


    1. 帮领导者建立因人而异的领导风格
    2. 为领导者整合沟通、聆听、反馈、激励、授权等管理方式
    3. 让领导者关注员工发展状态,不同情景使用合适的管理策略
    4. 树立以结果为导向的管理观念,提高成员技能和士气,打造高绩效团队

Course Benefits

Help leaders build different leadership styles

Help leaders integrate communication, listening, feedback, motivation, authorization and other management methods.

Let leaders pay attention to the development status of employees and use appropriate management strategies in different situations

Establish a result oriented management concept, improve the skills and morale of members, and build a high-performance team




1、  领导力&适应性领导力认知                                              —— 60min

      • 课前游戏复盘
      • 领导力&领导力风格介绍
      • 什么是适应性领导力
        • 员工的 4 种发展状态
        • 管理的 4 种领导力风格
        • 领导力风格与员工的个人需求匹配

2、  课前收集案例的“研讨会”                                               —— 80min

3、  适应性领导的必备技能                                                     —— 50min

      • 因人而异的管理诊断:1-2-3
      • 团队管理者的赋能工具:授权、聆听、反馈、激励
      • 领导者常见管理误区

4、  适应性领导力个人实践记录表使用说明                               —— 5 min

5、  互动&答疑                                                                     —— 15min


Course Content


1、  Leadership & Adaptive Leadership cognition                —— 60min

      • Leadership & Leadership Style Introduction
      • what is adaptive leadership
        • Four development states of employees
        • Four leadership styles of management
        • Match leadership style with employees' personal needs

2、  "Seminar" about collected cases before class                 —— 80min

3、  The necessary skills of Adaptive Leadership                   —— 50min

      • individual management diagnosis:1-2-3
      • empowering tools for team managers: empowerment, listening, feedback, motivation
      • common management mistakes of leaders

4、  Instructions for use of adaptive leadership personal practice record form   —— 5 min

5、  Interaction & Q A                                                         —— 15min


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