How to lead your team under the influence of coronavirus pneumonia (In Chinese)

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Course Background


The coronavirus pneumonia epidemic do affect the operation of state, society, market and enterprises, it is difficult to remove the influence completely in a short time. The spread of pessimism, the decli ne in combat effectiveness, and the specific business are greatly affected. Leaders need to learn to take good teamwork under the current epidemic situation, so as enhance team morale, cohesion, confidence and persistence. Force.


Course objectives

 对新冠肺炎疫情下的团队状态有更系统认识

 培养和展现出自己的领导力

 提升了团队的士气、凝聚力 信心和执行

 寻找出疫情下的业务突破口并开始实施行动

 稳定和发展现有团队,为疫情结束后的业务打下基础

Have a more systematic understanding of your team under the coronavirus pneumonia

Develop and show your leadership

Improve team morale, coh esion, confidence and execution

Find out the business breakthrough under epidemic situat ion and start to implement the action

Stabilize and develop the exi sting team to build foundation for the business development after the epidemic


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