How to Create a Powerful Visual Strategy for Your Company and Brand

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Through this workshop, companies will gain an insight into how companies around the world have used video to deliver their brand messages.


How to Create a Powerful Visual Strategy for Your Company and Brand


学习目标 Learning Objectives


Video has emerged as the most powerful way to promote your product, service or brand. Up to 95% of viewers remember the key brand message after watching a video as compared to reading a text ad (Neilson). And according to Forbes, up to 64% of consumers purchase a product after watching a video.


If you want to create greats showcasing your company, but don't know where to start, join us to learn about how to make effective videos directly connected to your brand strategy and message.


Through this workshop, companies will gain an insight into how companies around the world - both B2B and B2C businesses - have used video to deliver their brand messages and how great videos can propel brands and companies into future growth.


1. Basics of visual storytelling

- What is a brand story? How is it created through visuals? What can we learn from successful brand videos in terms of how they showcase the brand and the impact that they create for the audience?

- How is a video strategy different from creating a one-off video?

- Why do you need a visual strategy: how does it affect your plans and growth?

- Connect video to your brand story and strategy: How to create a multi-faceted visual strategy for your brand


2. How different kinds of videos connect with different stages of the sales funnel for your business

- Start thinking of using video to engage with your target audience on multiple social media platforms, both in China and globally

- Gain a deeper understanding of audience, platform, types of visual content that can be created to create the brand story for your startup

- What kinds of videos can you create: what is relevant and effective for you and your brand?

- What kinds of videos have brought success for companies like yourselves: how different videos achieve different aims and reach different audiences? How can you create different pieces of media throughout the year instead of relying on one video to communicate your entire brand message?


3. Planning for your next video

- How to start planning right away for your next video concept and scripty

- Best practices for effective collaboration with an external video team to create a video for your brand

- The video production process: de-mystified: Key questions to think about before contacting a video production team and metrics to evaluate them

- How to budget effectively for the video project: key watch-outs and tips

- How to evaluate the success of your video


4. Summary and wrap on key takeaways

参加对象 Target Group


Marketing related personnel and/or those who want to build up visual marketing strategy for their companies


Ms. Nausheen l. CHEN

Nausheen Ishtiaq-Chen is a filmmaker, public speaker and corporate trainer from Pakistan and New York City, currently based in Shenzhen, China. She is an alumna Fulbright Scholar, and graduated with master’s degree in Media Studies from The New School in New York City. She has experience as Marketing Manager, Corporate Trainer and External Relations Manager at Procter & Gamble. Under her management, P&G received a top 5 nomination for the International Community Service Awards by the US Chamber of Commerce in 2009 and 2010.

Nausheen has led several trainings and workshops in communications related fields over the past 10 years and is now focused on workshops on Creating Powerful Visual Strategies for companies. She is interested in helping companies build on their traditional marketing strategies to emerge as impactful and memorable visual brands for their customers, networks and a wider audience.


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