How do Foreign Investors Address Potential Problems When Making Investments in China?

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1) Case Sharing about the Successful Experience When Making Investments in China

Fondarc (Changzhou) is a joint venture co-established by FONDARC France and Changzhou Tongli Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd in 2005. In the past 15 years, Fondarc (Changzhou) has grown into a successful example of the cooperation between France and China. Mr. Sheng Jianchun is going to share his special insights in how to handle the challenges and opportunities when French companies make investments in China.




2) New Challenges and Opportunities for International Companies

With the improving and continuous updating of the local laws. Some international companies are facing the great amount of fine or the recall of sold products by the market supervising department of government, as well as other challenges such as the relations between the internal direct subsidiaries, acceptance of the environment protection facilities, the turn-over rate, bank financing from outside of China or international currency, etc.

Under such circumstances, what can they do to handle the challenges and take full advantage of the opportunities?



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Kent Zhu


Kent Zhu is a government official in charge of the international assistance for international companies in Jiangsu Jintan Economic Development Zone. With over 20 years of experience serving the international companies, he is invited to share his special thoughts on what foreign investors can do to cope with the challenges and take the good opportunities.

Sheng Jianchun


Mr. Sheng Jianchun is the general manager of Fondarc (Changzhou), Chairman of CAST’AL (Changzhou), as well as the vice president of the Equipment Branch of China Foundry Association and the vice president of Jiangsu Foundry Association.


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