[Guangzhou Training] Supplier Quality Management | 供应商质量管理

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This training is conducted in Chinese. 本次课程用中文授课。

课程背景 Background


From product quality assurance to process quality control to the quality requirements of the management system, which involves all aspects of corporate requirements for supplier quality management. How to effectively make suppliers provide products and high quality services that meet corporate requirements? How to make suppliers accurately grasp the needs of the enterprise and continuously improve the function, performance and reliability of the products or services? How to provide the products or services the enterprise need punctuality and quickly? How to achieve the lowest cost and lean operation with high quality? 


课程受众 Who Should Attend


Production plant manager, production director, production manager, purchasing manager, purchasing supervisor, purchasing engineer, quality engineer, quality manager, (SQM) supplier quality management personnel, IQC personnel, personnel related to (SQM) supplier quality management, etc.


课程大纲 Course Outline

供应商质量管理现状及发展趋势 | Current situation and development trend of supplier quality management

  • 供应链管理的现状及发展趋势 | Current status and development trend of supply chain management
  • 采购及供应商管理的价值贡献 | Value contribution of procurement and supplier management
  • 供应商质量管理常见问题 | Common problems of supplier quality management
  • 供应管理的技能及胜任力 | Skills and competencies of supply management
  • 供应商质量管理趋势 | Trend of supplier quality management

供应商拓展准入 | Supplier expansion access

  • 供应链及供应资源的战略规划 | Strategic planning of supply chain and supply resources
  • 供应资源的开发及职能规划 | Supply resource development and functional planning
  • 潜在供应商评估流程 | Potential supplier assessment process
  • 现场评估(方法、知识与技能)| On-site assessment (methodology, knowledge and skills)
  • 合格供应商的准则 | Criteria for qualified suppliers
  • 合格供应商引入合作的质量风险管控 | Quality risk control for qualified suppliers introduction cooperation

供应商量产前管理 | Supplier pre-production management

  • 协同开发 | Collaborative Development
  • 如何管理供应商的设计与开发 | How to manage supplier design and development
  • 供应商PPAP或物料批准过程 | Supplier PPAP or material approval process
  • 接收检验的前期约定 | Pre-agreement for receiving inspection
  • 变更管理 | Change Management

供应商业绩评估 | Supplier performance evaluation

  • 建立供应商业绩评价体系模型 | Establishing a supplier performance evaluation system model
  • 供应商业绩评估结果反馈及应用 | Feedback and application of supplier performance evaluation results
  • 供应商业绩改进 | Supplier performance improvement

供应商关系管理-合作共赢 | Supplier Relationship Management - Win-Win Cooperation

  • 供应关系矩阵 | Supply Relationship Matrix
  • 持续开发战略合作供应商 | Continuous development of strategic suppliers
  • 培育伙伴型供应商 | Nurturing partner suppliers
  • 供应商能力辅导 | Supplier Capability Coaching


Thursday 24 November 2022
09:00 - 17:00 Day 1
Friday 25 November 2022
09:00 - 17:00 Day 2

讲师 Trainer

曾老师Ms. Zeng


BV senior lecturer and senior training and consulting consultant. She has conducted professional research on manufacturing supplier management system, and assisted many enterprises in different industries to establish supplier management system. She has rich practical experience in quality management, process management, supplier management and site management in manufacturing industry.



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