Government Affairs Training - Keep Pace with the Times 与时俱进的政府事务工作培训

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Please note that this course will be conducted in Chinese.


Objectives and Content 课程目标 

Facing changing international relationships and economic situation of the world, Chinese government plays more and more important roles and functions in economic activities of China. This course is designed to assist business people to better understand government’s work, understand the policy-making process, and analyze the impact of macro regulatory environment on enterprises. While systematically studying the trend of policy development and building accurate communication channels with key stakeholders, to propose strategic recommendations for enterprises to solve problems, and make the advocacy to the government more effectively, so as to establish positive corporate image and achieve win-win between the government and the enterprise.


Course Outline 课程大纲

Evolution of Professional Government Affairs - From Tactics to Strategy:

- The evolution process and developing direction of MNCs’ Government Affairs work in China 

- How to think strategically for government affairs?

- What should GA professionals do for the new challenges?

Policy Research based Government Relation:

- External Stakeholder Mapping and Internal Stakeholder Management and Communication

- How to establish a systematic and professional government relations network to achieve the business objective?

Government Relation based Policy Research:

  • Monitoring: How and where to get useful information and monitor the developments of certain policies
  • Analysis: How to read between the lines about the profound meaning, and come up with your own impact analysis
  • Reporting: How to explain the un-explainable and provide solution-driven recommendations to senior executives?

Government Relation and Policy Research based Advocacy:

- How to identify the advocacy goal and strategy, and How to engage with stakeholders and find win-win opportunity?

- How to systematically manage the government affairs crisis/ issue? 

Differences between Chinese and Western Cultures:

- Comparison between Chinese and Western cultures, and professional and effective cross-cultural communication

- Observing changing Government Affairs work in the changing environment 

专业化政府事务的演变 – 从战术到战略:
- 跨国公司政府事务在中国的演进过程和发展方向
- 如何战略性地思考政府事务?
- 政府事务专业人士如何应对新的挑战?

- 外部利益相关方结构与内部利益相关方管理和沟通
- 如何通过建立系统专业的政府关系网络来实现业务目标?


  • 监测:如何以及在哪里得到有用的信息?如何有效地监测相关政策的发展
  • 分析:如何透过字里行间的政策条文理解其深刻含义,并且做出对企业的影响分析
  • 报告:如何解释那些看似解释不清的政策,并为高层提出解决方案建议?

- 如何确定明确的利益诉求目标,如何制定相应的诉求战略,如何沟通并找到双赢的机会?
- 如何专业系统地进行政府事务危机管理?

- 中西方文化的比较与专业有效的跨文化沟通
- 从变化中的环境看变化中的政府事务


Who Should Attend? 课程受众 

  • Senior Executives of Multi-national Companies: Aiming to expand and deepen their understanding of Chinese government and policies on the basis of learning the differences between Chinese and Western cultures, and leverage the government affairs to guide the development in China.
  • GA Professionals: Working in the government affairs, aiming to continuously and systemically improve the working skillset from a strategically perspective. 
  • Business People: Working in the fPR/ Communications/ CSR/ Legal/ Plant Operation and Management, etc. with the responsibility to communicate or even advocate with the government stakeholders, and hope to do a good job through systematic learning.
  • 跨国公司高层管理人士:在解读中西方文化差异的基础上,希望加深对中国政府和政策的了解广度和深度,并运用政府事务引领企业在中国的发展。
  • 政府事务专职人士:从事政府事务工作,希望能持续对自身工作技能进行战略、系统性的提高。
  • 商务人士:从事公关、传播、企业社会责任、法务、工厂运营管理等工作,需与政府部门沟通企业诉求,希望通过系统性学习,做好相关工作。


Our Niche 课程特点

  • Practical: It is designed and conducted by GA practitioners. It is loaded with best practices and offers operational templates that can serve as a practical guide.
  • Hands on: The learning is experience-based and hands-on. Participants will be presented with several scenarios based on real cases. Learning points are fully delivered through case studies, simulations, role playing, and interactive discussion.
  • 务实:由政府事务的高层工作专业人士设计并讲解,分享诸多先进的实操经验,并提供实用为导向的可操作模板。
  • 参与:本课程是以经验为基础的亲身参与,为参与者讲解来自真实工作的各种不同情境,其中包括案例分析、模拟场景、角色扮演、互动讨论等环节,帮助参与者充分学习知识点。



Date日期: September 5th 2019

Time 时间: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Language 培训语言: Chinese 中文

Venue 地点: CCI FRANCE CHINE Beijing Office 中国法国工商会北京办公室

2F, Building 81, No. 4 Gongti North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Price 价格: 
2600 RMB* for CCI FRANCE CHINE Members 会员价
3000 RMB* for Non Members 非会员价
*Fee includes lectures, course materials and lunch. 价格包括会务,资料费,午餐费。



Brent Yuan - Partner and Senior Director at Yuan Associates

Brent Yuan joined Yuan Associates in January 2010 and become a partner in January 2017. 

As the Senior Director for Yuan Associates, Mr. Yuan is responsible for client services in across multiple sectors like manufacturing, IT, services, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture, etc. Mr. Yuan focuses his energy on helping international clients to promote corporate reputation and address operational challenges, specializing in government relations and external communications. Since July 2016, Mr. Yuan has been the firm’s key trainer for the Government Affairs Certificate Training Program of the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, which has received massive positive recognition after close to three years of operation. 

Mr. Yuan has valuable experience working with multinational companies, concentrating in public relations, branding, crisis management, and media relations from ten years of professional experience in relevant fields at both media outlets and multinational enterprises.  Before joining Yuan Associates, Mr. Yuan worked as a public communication supervisor to several multinational enterprises, including BMW and Amway. Prior to working in the public relations sector, Mr. Yuan started his career as a reporter for China Construction Machinery magazine, during which time he interviewed over 40 presidents of multinational companies.  

Mr. Yuan holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Beijing International Studies University. 

袁元 - 远海鹰咨询合伙人、高级总监







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